Which USB2 Wireless Adaptor?

  JoanSims 20:26 07 Feb 2008

Evening,,, I'm just about to go Wireless with BTYahoo and I'm told I will need a USB 2.0 Wireless adapter... Can anyone recommend a really good one please... I use Vista 64bit and I'm told by BT that my local exchange can only supply 2megs maximum.A few other questions spring to my absolute beginners mind : -

1/. Should I go for a 54 , 108 , or 125?
2/. I want to purchase a wireless printer at some time.I'm presuming optimistically it will run off just the one adapter? or not?
3/. How many wireless peripherals can be run from one adapter?

Regards Rob

  Kemistri 22:16 07 Feb 2008

I would rahter fit a PCI adapter with a small desk aerial, any day.

[1] Whatever IEEE standard your router supports - I can't answer that, due to a lack of info.
[2] Yes. It will connect to the router, not ad-hoc.
[3] One; the device to which it is installed.

  Ashrich 22:30 07 Feb 2008

A bit obvious really , but make sure that you get an adapter that has Vista 64bit drivers , they have to be Microsoft signed/verified , and a 64bit Windows OS will reject them if they aren't right .


  JoanSims 13:55 10 Feb 2008

Thanks for the replies... Kemistri I forgot to say that I'm using a pc rather than a laptop.. Would you still prefer a PCI wireless adaptor to a USB2 one for a PC?... any particular reason? any recommendations?

Does anyone use the BT voyager 1055 w/adaptor?... wondered if it was any good.I think it is Vista 64bit signed.

  Ashrich 14:48 10 Feb 2008

A PCI adaptor will fit into a PCI slot inside the desktop PC , you might be thinking of a PC Card ( pcmcia ) . The one Kemistry is talking about has an antenna on a separate lead for better placement , rather than the usual fixed antenna type .


  Kemistri 15:51 10 Feb 2008

"I'm using a PC rather than a laptop"

Notebooks are still PCs :)

I made a guess that you were dealing with a desktop PC anyway, so my suggestions still applies. I only use USB adapters when I have to. My neighbour's 3Com adapter is always dropping the connection, though it usually reconnects easily enough; I would have suggested a PCI card for him if the USB adapter had not been bundled with the router.

  JoanSims 11:24 11 Feb 2008

That settles it then it's a pci card for me.Problem now is finding a card that is Vista 64bit signed.. any suggestions please anyone?

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