Which UPS service & no Paypal

  gazmix 18:48 11 Jun 2007

I want to buy something from an American website. They are a reputable (i think) dealer, but they don't accept paypal only creditcards & i'm confused at which version of the UPS shipping carrier i shouild use! & is a no paypal site ok?
There are 5, 2 of which are ground or Canada.
The other 3 are UPS 3 day select, UPS next day saver & Worldwide Expedited!
Which should i chose for UK ? It doesn't seem to charge more for each one as it's $39.99 all in.



  Jackcoms 18:54 11 Jun 2007

I would have thought that the Worldwide one (i.e. outside of the USA) was the obvious one.

  skidzy 18:55 11 Jun 2007

Whats the website Gaz ?

  gazmix 15:17 12 Jun 2007

its called click here i want to use paypal & am confused at which UPS to use.



  Belatucadrus 15:48 12 Jun 2007

You may want to use Paypal, but as you say they don't seem to take it so you may as well forget it. They're unlikely to set up a new payment system unless you want to place a really monumental order. Is a no Paypal site OK, no reason why it shouldn't be, a lot of suppliers don't use Paypal.

Looking at the UPS, the only one that works when you try to calculate shipping for a UK address is "Worldwide Expedited" all the others come up Zero and there's no way they're going to ship transatlantic FOC. When I checked it out, having selected a UPS delivery, the shipping was automatically amended if anything was added to the basket, so it's probably calculated by weight. Add much more and you're likely to see it jump rather a lot.

  spuds 15:54 12 Jun 2007

Can you direct me to Worldwide Expedited, because I cannot find anything in the link that states that the retailer will dispatch worldwide. It appears as though they are USA protectorates and Canada only.Quite a number of American retailers will not deal with the UK for various reasons.

Perhaps I am telling you something that you may already know, but there could be various UK taxes and handling charges to pay, on top of the purchase price, which could make the item expensive,than something compatible on the UK market.Warranties is another thing to consider!.

  skidzy 15:55 12 Jun 2007

From what i can see:

Gaz if you use the UPS ground you get free shipping,but using worldwide incurs a very big charge.Also the next day air saver offers free carriage but im betting thats within the USA.

Without going through the site properly,i think you will be paying quite a bit for shipping.And can see no mention of using Paypal.

  Belatucadrus 17:06 12 Jun 2007

I doubt it as you clearly can't ship USA to UK via a ground delivery system, I think the $0 indicates that it's not a viable option, so no calculation is attempted.

  skidzy 17:22 12 Jun 2007

well spotted..ha ha egg on my face for that one :-))

Gaz if not to personal,what exactly where you attempting to buy ?

  gazmix 18:49 12 Jun 2007

I sent them an email ages ago & they replied today saying that they do use Paypal & they only ship to UK via 'USPS' !! mm.

Also they say it cost $45 to ship it, $6 more than it costs hehe.

The item i'm buying is a replacement digital timer on behalf of my dad who is building something (pheasant feeder).
It's the 'Digital Timer, model PT6' at $39.99

I've looked everywhere on UK sites & found nothing, maybe someone knows something i don't.

Much abliged


  Belatucadrus 23:46 12 Jun 2007

click here Maybe they'll have a separate timer.

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