Which type of RAM should I get?

  Blake7© 09:02 05 Jun 2006

I'm considering getting another 512MB of RAM.
Currently I have one slot filled with 512MB DDR-SDRAM PC2100. The other slot is empty.
Should I go for another stick of the same kind ie. PC2100? Or would I be okay with PC2700 or PC3200?
Is there anything else I should be aware of?
Many thanks.

  BigRik 09:24 05 Jun 2006

Good morning.

click here, and you should find answers to your questions.

  Blake7© 09:36 05 Jun 2006

Yes, I've already been there. Crucial recommends PC2700 or PC3200 ram modules, but seeing as I already have a PC2100 module installed I was wondering it was better to get another one of the same to make a matching pair.

  Gongoozler 09:43 05 Jun 2006

Hi Blake7©. You will probably have difficulty finding PC2100. PC2700 is generally the slowest made these days. DDR memory is backwards compatible so you should have no problems using PC2700 in a system specified for PC2100. If Crucial recommend PC2700, then go for it. If you buy from Crucial using their memory selector tool, then they guarantee that it will work in your system.

  PsiFox 09:45 05 Jun 2006

Whats your motherboard can it run Ram at either 333Mhz (pc2700) or 400mhz(pc3200)?. May need jumpers changed and / or bios

If not stick with another stick of pc2100.

If you can increase then get 2 sticks at the higher as the board will only run at the lower speed and notall fast RAM is truly backwards compatible.

Best not to mix them if poss

  Blake7© 10:21 05 Jun 2006

My board is an Intel D845EBG2.
Sandra says the max memory speed is 2x 133MHz (266Mhz - pc2100)?
Crucial says the DDR Ram frequencies for my system are PC1600 and PC2100 but goes on to recommend pc2700 and pc3200.
I'll just get another stick of pc2100 then. PCWorld does them for £28.60. Crucial does pc2700 for £27.99.

  Gongoozler 10:47 05 Jun 2006

Hi Blake7©. The speed rating of the memory is derived from the time between the clock pulse edge and the data at the output being valid. Faster memory simply assures that the data is valid earlier. Ideally, this means that as long as the memory is no slower that the quoted speed it will work. The fact that the PC2700 will have data valid earlier than needed should be no problem, just as your arriving early for an appointment isn't a problem. Admittedly it isn't always as simple as that, and there are some cases where unmatched memory san cause difficulties. Similarly there are occasions where two sticks of memory of the same specification but different makes can cause problems. The PC World memory will probably be OK, but as I said if you select memory from Crucial using their memory selector tool, then they guarantee that it will work in your system, and Crucial is top quality memory manufactured by Micron.

  Blake7© 11:24 05 Jun 2006

Thanks for all the replies!

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