Which Type of IP Address

  [email protected] 20:54 09 Apr 2004

Hi all

I have noticed that there are several types if IP addresses i.e. Dynamic, static and sticky
Am I right in saying that Dynamic changes every time you log onto the net, Static stays the same and Sticky changes now and then

If I have that right, which one is best to have?

  stalion 20:59 09 Apr 2004

Depends what type of connection you want can you be more specific.Regards

  [email protected] 10:25 10 Apr 2004

Just looking for a broadband ISP. But different ones offer these different types of IP addresses, and I am a bit confused of which one, and does it make any difference which one to have??

Does it matter if the address changes every time?
Does it matter if the address stays the same?

What are the draw backs if any of these IP addresses ?

  [email protected] 14:47 10 Apr 2004


  stalion 14:53 10 Apr 2004


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:57 10 Apr 2004

Dont matter what u have dynamic or static even with BB you are not forced to have a staitic one but it doesnt change that quick maybe every 2/3 days but it doesnt matter whitch you have in my opinion.Static is maybe better if you do LAN gaming sessions makes it easier for people to find you and dont have to keep telling them your ip addy but apart from that it doesnt matter.


  Djohn 15:01 10 Apr 2004

click here similar question, answers may help.

  Gaz 25 15:14 10 Apr 2004

If you want to do anything on the internet, and you want people to know your IP address, such as online peer - peer gaming sesions, as mentioned above, or even host a website from your computer (depening on ToS of ISP) then go static.

If you are more bothered about security on the internet, go dynamic, as its harder for a hacker to target you.

  [email protected] 15:40 10 Apr 2004

try again

thanks all

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