Which type of Hard Drive

  Phil01 14:16 05 Mar 2007

My neighbour has a old pc a pentium II with win xp on it but the hard drive is only 3GB, as you can image it has probs running with suh a low hard drive.

what is the correct way to find out which type of hard drive i need to get for this pcv and will i be able to fit it myself for them. i have replaced Ram in pcs before but thats it

  crosstrainer 14:35 05 Mar 2007

Do you know what the spec of this machine is...it will be limited as to the size of drive you could fit...this will be controlled by the BIOS what OS is it running?

  Diemmess 15:07 05 Mar 2007

Am amazed it runs at all!
XP takes most of the useful space on that HD .
You should be able to fit almost any run of the mill HD, but 40Gb and below are almost non existent. SATA drives will not connect but you can confirm the type from Control Panel > System > Hardware.

You can download things like BelArc Advisor which is free and will give more detail of what is in the Computer. RAM for instance must be no more than the Motherboard will allow and must match the type it expects (Crucial will take you through RAM selection).

With luck the BIOS will support a larger HD and XP will find the mobo drivers for you, but you are going to have to install XP and all the applications again from their CDs.

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