Which type of hard drive?

  SteevScotland 22:46 18 May 2004

My old IDE hard drive is coming to the end of its days. I am going to purchase a replacement but should I get an anther IDE drive or splash out on a serial ATA?

Am I right in thinking that if I go for Serial ATA then I'll need a PCI adaptor card to plug the drive into?

Cheers S

  Forum Editor 23:58 18 May 2004

to the Helproom - it belongs there really.

  cream. 00:20 19 May 2004

IDE drives are ridiculously cheap at the moment. 120 gig from £54 click here

SATA 150 is flavour of the month at the moment and this would mean a PCI card if SATA is not a feature on your board. BUT SATA 300 and possibly SATA 500 are on the horizon. SATA 300 may be out this year? and those on SATA 150 will not be able to upgrade to the 300 drives without either a motherboard upgrade or a SATA 300 PCI card.

Performance wise I think SATA150 does not have a major leap over a 7200 8Mb cache IDE drive and SATA drives perform better if they are partitioned for the O\S.

From my biased view I would go for an IDE drive.

  €dstowe 06:52 19 May 2004

From reports here and from other things I have heard, SATA drives can cause a lot of problems in installation and they are not as easy to set up and use as we might have been led to believe, especially on older systems which yours seems to be. As good as a SATA PCI card may be, a motherboard that recognises SATA will be much better.

Considering £ per gigabyte, an IDE drive is far better value.


  SteevScotland 12:12 19 May 2004

Thanks I suppose It should have been in help room when I think about it.

OK I think I'll just go for an IDE drive. better get one quick as my old one has started making a high pitched humming noise.

Cheers S

  Chegs ® 12:31 19 May 2004

SATA and IDE drives aren't that far apart in price,and having used a Maxtor 7,200 hdd before I upgraded to a pair of Maxtor SATA they aren't that far apart in performance either.Save your money until the faster drives are about,then upgrade the mobo to use SATA.

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