Which tv tuner card?

  Antz 20:01 16 May 2003

Can andody recomend a good pci tv tuner card. My main purpose is to capture tv footage to archive to dvd. An added bonus would be an fm tuner as I don't have broadband access and therefore cannot listen to live radio on the internet. I have noticed a huge difference in price for these cards but a simple reliable device will do fine.


Piii 1.13Ghz
256 ram
40GB 7200rpm dedicated HD for video capture

  Demora 20:19 16 May 2003

I had a Haupage wintv pci card in my old pc. It worked quite well. I also have the USB version for my laptop and that has Radio on Its very good. I gave my daughter the PCI card and she had a bit of trouble with XP. BUT a new driver sorted that out. The cards themselves seem a bit more expensive but they do work well. The one my daughter has is at least 5 years old.

I hope I've given you something to start off on.


  Burtonswindow 20:34 16 May 2003

I agree with the above.

  _Treb_ 21:05 16 May 2003

I have an ATI tv tuner but only has mono sound. yours for £20 inc postage.

  lixdexik 21:49 16 May 2003

Hi Antz, If you use the search facility at the top of the helproom page and type Tv in the first box. then Card, in the second box..Select helproom.. select All Discussions.. click on Search titles and all postings...then search...You will find 100 threads on this subject..You should get some good advice there.

Hope this helps...Cheers Lixdexik.

  Rubroy 22:32 16 May 2003


My new pc running Win XP uses an ATI Rsdeon 8500 All-in-Wonder graphics wih TV-out and DVI. I can edit camcorder and VCR footage - but to do that needs a lot of GB on the hard drive. As a TV tuner it is terrific. I can view any programme, any size or all at once to make a choice. I use use Sound Blaster Audiology Dolby Surround & Firewire. PC came from Evesham - superb.

  Rubroy 22:33 16 May 2003

PS ATI Radeon, not Rsdeon

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