Which TV Card for Laptop and XBOX 360

  MARCOVANELMES 20:54 04 Apr 2006

I am looking for some advice on which tv card to purchase and which one is the deeemed to be the best? It is for my dell inspiron 1300.

It can either be PCMCIA or USB2.
Which ever is best.

It has to be able to receive NTL (anologue signals I think) for the moment, until I update my house aerial for freeview so its needs to be digital as well.

Needs a standard Coax aerial in or convertor for standard NTL tv in.

I also want to connect my XBOX 360 if this is possible.

Budget of £60ish


  MARCOVANELMES 21:29 04 Apr 2006
  woodchip 21:36 04 Apr 2006

This is mine, I use it on a Desktop and Laptop when I go away. Comes with a 4" digtal Magnetic arial. That pulls them all in where I live about 12 miles from Emily moor mast.

It's a Artec HTDY-00001 Digtal only and works on USB 2 only for Win2000 and XP.

click here

click pictur to enlarge

  MARCOVANELMES 13:02 05 Apr 2006

My wife is fed up with me hogging the tv to play my xbox 360 so I wish to buy a card ASAP thanks.
So that she can watch tv on the laptop or I can play 360 through laptop in saying that I would prefer to play on the TV for obvious reasons.


  MARCOVANELMES 22:37 05 Apr 2006

Still looking around can nobody give there thoughts???


  woodchip 22:40 05 Apr 2006

What's wrong with the one I posted?

  MARCOVANELMES 22:52 05 Apr 2006

Thanks for your help woodchip as far as I know I need analogue / digital card, the one you posted is digital only.
I currently use a NTL anologue signal for my tv i think.
I have not set up my freeview signal yet.

  woodchip 23:02 05 Apr 2006

You only need a Arieal it pisc up all Freeview including BBc1,2, Itv1, Canal 4,5. Plus all othe freeview. If you go out with the Laptop you take it with you

  Stuartli 23:04 05 Apr 2006

I doubt whether you can utilise an Ntl service for the purpose you require.

As Woodchip points out, Freeview transmissions include the five basic terrestial stations.

  woodchip 23:04 05 Apr 2006

PS it's also USB powered

  Stuartli 23:06 05 Apr 2006

A PCI or USB2 Freeview card will include the means to connect a coaxial cable - it wouldn't be able to receive the transmissions otherwise, especially if the small USB2 type doesn't bring in a strong enough signal.

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