Which TV card?

  puma22 15:58 02 Oct 2005

Can anyone suggest a suitable TV card please? I want to copy all the kids videos to dvd so that I can get rid of the video. Also want to be able to copy tv for copying to dvd (again to get rid of video).

  sinbad1 16:33 02 Oct 2005
  puma22 16:53 02 Oct 2005

thanks for this link. I cant seem to work out which one has freeview. Can you help?

  Stuartli 16:55 02 Oct 2005

Similar to the Hauppauge models but cheaper overall (often rebadged by Chaintech for some of its models) is the Twinhan Freeview DTV-ter D+A (Digital + Analogue) which acts as a PVR, will display and also record inputs from video and games consoles and is good value.

Only slight setback at present is the use of Cyberlink's PowerCinema application but it can be used with ShowShifter or, in the next few days, Twinhan is due to release its own equivalent, to match its offerings for its Freeview TV cards.

Keenest price is usually at:

click here

which is an excellent company to deal with, answers e-mails rapidly and offers first class after sales service.

  Stuartli 16:57 02 Oct 2005

TwinHan webside at:

click here

  puma22 17:01 02 Oct 2005

Stuartli, thanks.
If this does not come with its own software woudl I have problems running it? Would I need to buy additonal software?

  ICF 17:57 02 Oct 2005

Nebula click here

  Stuartli 18:27 02 Oct 2005

Yes, it comes with PowerCinema...:-)

However, it's not an ideal marriage which is why I suspect TwinHan has decided to develop its own version.

PowerCinema works but is somewhat slow and not as intuitive as it should be.

I've been in contact several times with TwinHan and had helpful advice and information about the forthcoming replacement software.

TwinHan has just updated the BDA drivers for the D+A card.

Incidentally, earlier TwinHan software for its Freeview cards was the same as that used by Hauppauge and provided by an Italian software company.

One other point about the TwinHan cards is that Vadim states that they have proved one of the most reliable components they have sold over the years; returns have proved very low compared to other similar products.

  puma22 13:11 03 Oct 2005

thanks for all the help here. have been in tocuh with vadim about the twinhan and they suggest an avermedia card instead. Has anyone got one? is it any good?
The nebula looks really good and has got excellent reviews. But is it worth nearly twice as mcuh?

  Stuartli 13:21 03 Oct 2005

Vadim may have suggested the alternative because some buyers of the D+A have got fed up with PowerCinema (like me) but I've perservered...:-)

Vadim may also not be aware of the new software due out from TwinHan any day to replace PowerCinema.

I've also owned the basic TwinHan Freeview PCI card with dedicated TwinHan software and it was excellent; however, the D+A allows connection, viewing and recordings of VCRs, games consoles etc and is more useful in such circumstances.

  puma22 11:58 10 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone, i wnet in the end with Vadim and got the AVER media card. Works excellently and seems to be very good value. Need help copying the old family videos, but will start a new post.
Again thanks

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