Which of these two Socket A CPUs please ?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:02 03 Aug 2005

Sempron 3000+ , 2.0GHZ 512KB L2C £70
Athlon XP 2500 ,1.8GHZ 512KB L2C £61

The XP2500 should O/C to 2.2GHZ or possibly more by upping the FSB so I'm told.

Will the Sempron O/C and if so to what ?
Which should I go for ?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:05 03 Aug 2005

Or should I consider another socket A CPU?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:07 03 Aug 2005

The Athlon XP 2500 - more cache, better performance and you sav3 £9 - little difference in reality though...

  Tinkey Winkey 22:09 03 Aug 2005

Diodorus Siculus -they both have 512KB L2 cache or do you mean something else ?

  leo49 22:10 03 Aug 2005

Or get the Xp3200 before they disappear for good @ £75

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 22:11 03 Aug 2005

BodgeItAndScarper - yes, I meant that :-( sorry, I'm out of date on such things...

  Tinkey Winkey 22:15 03 Aug 2005

I'd prefer not to buy OEM CPUs and there's alot of talk about fake CPUs in the reviews.

Can the XP3200 be O/Ced ?

  dan11 22:18 03 Aug 2005

I'd go for the 3200+ as per leo49. If the motherboard supports it.

I have 2 running barton 2500+ and I can't fault them. They are ever so quick and the above barton IS the 333Mhz model.

  leo49 22:21 03 Aug 2005

Well I've had 4 of these from Ebuyer and they're kosher. Personally I prefer OEM as I'm not paying for a fancy box nor a standard cooler which will be redundant as I fit a quieter more efficient one.

I've no up to date info on overclocking - I know that the XP2500's after a certain production date were locked - the speed freaks seemed to prefer the mobile cpu's last I heard.

  Tinkey Winkey 22:32 03 Aug 2005

With OEM I believe the warranty is 1 year - fair enough.
Someone also told me you have to RMA to AMD rather than the supplier ?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:56 03 Aug 2005

How long is the warranty and who do you RMA to if needs be ?

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