Which TFT

  markcomp 08:11 28 Sep 2005

I am after a TFT for m kids computer. They are not yet into really fast games etc, but will get there in the next few years. So wha is the significance of dot pitch, response time, contrast ratio and viewing angle. Lastly do I need a DVI input as this seems to jack up the price. Computer is running Athlon 2800 with 512 memory on a PC chips board _ my first tentative foray into computer builds!
Seems to be lots of rave reviews on ebuyer for sub£200 LG and Samsung monitors.

  961 09:26 28 Sep 2005

If it's for the kids, get one with a hard glass screen

  freaky 09:58 28 Sep 2005

Go for a minimum screen size of 17" but 19" is ideal. You need a respose time of 10MS or less. It is also advantageous to have A DVI connection as well as analogue. Some also offer Screen Tilt adjustment.

I personally favour Iiyama, I have a 17" Prolite H4318S with a respose time of 8MS. We also have a Prolite 19" E481S with response time of 8MS.

TFT's screens are made up of milliions of Pixels, each one is a transistor. Occasionally you get one that has a dead pixel i.e. the pixel is faulty and does not change colour. This results in a permanent tiny dot either blue, black or red. Manufacturers will replace the monitor if it has more than 5 dead pixels. Our 17" is OK but the 19" has one dead pixel on the lower left of the screen, it causes no problems.

TFT Screens are very delicate, therefore you have to be careful not to touch it with your fingers or any hard object!!

Very pleased with the two we have got, would not buy a CRT Monitor again.

Hope this helps.

  Grantrh 09:58 28 Sep 2005

It would probably help people to help you if you said what size LCD monitor you wanted? eg. 15, 17 or 19 inch.

  jack 10:07 28 Sep 2005

This is I would think the one occasion the going to a store to see the one you would like working.
Rather than buying one mail order on a brand recomendation

Dead pixels have been a problem in earlier examples but they are getting better.

The bit that counts[ the panel] like so much else in this computeriing world are made by only a few manufacturers, whilst all the others think up pretty frames and firm ware to run then and an enticing name.
Mail order prices seen great until carriage is costed in then it tend to even out a little.

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