Which Telephone number will it use?

  Border View 13:09 23 Nov 2004

At the beginning of October I changed from Lineone Dial Up to Pipex broadband. My old connection to Lineone was via an internal modem and obviously broadband by an external speedtouch.

My normal practice when connecting to the internet is to click on the speedtouch icon. Then, usually, the OE icon to check for e-mails and then IE.

I retained my old e-mail address with Lineone and had an address with Pipex, which I must admit I hardly used, preferring to carry on with my old e-mail address,

Sorry if this sounds a daft question, but would my computer when linking to the internet via the speedtouch modem be able to use the telephone number for Lineone.

  ACOLYTE 13:16 23 Nov 2004

Dont think so as its a broad band modem,and other was a dial up number,so it wont be able to connect to the broad band server with a different number.

  Djohn 13:18 23 Nov 2004

No not normally. It will all be done through your broadband connection. But to check, open explorer/tools/internet options/Connections tab and make sure your broadband connection is the one set as default.

To be on the safe side Its always advisable to make a physical break from your dial up modem IE: disconnect the lead from the dial up modem to the phone line by unplugging it at the back of your PC or disconnecting it from the phone socket and only plugging it back in if and when you need to use dial up for any reason.

The reason for this is that although premium rate numbers and rouge diallers can't operate through your broadband they can still download then use your dial up modem to dial out.

  Border View 13:28 23 Nov 2004

I've had the internal modem disconnected and its plug no where near a phone socket since I installed the Pipex external speedtouch modem.

With regard the default setting I've gone through so many settings this morning I cant remember which was which. I've deleted all reference to Lineone. If I need to check my e-mail address I shall go into Tiscalli web site.

Perhaps I'm panicking too much.

Many thanks for your response. Shall let you know what my soon to be expected telephone bill says.

PS Djohn - What set me to wonder about this was our problems with the AVG pop up saying every 45 seconds connecting to (my Lineone Account). Got rid of the pop up - wonder if its still trying to connect.

  D G 13:29 23 Nov 2004

I'm exactly the same as you with the speedtouch modem ect.you don't need to have your dialup modem plugged in, do you? I just plug mine in once a month or so to keep my old address active.but even with it plugged in it never tries to dial up.it always connect via the broadband.DG

  Djohn 13:44 23 Nov 2004

No, nothing to worry about regarding the pop-up. That's just a nuisance when it happens but there is a way to stop it as you have already found out.

The standard message from the pop-up will be "trying to connect..." if you have the dot in the dial up box of AVG but once removed it will stop and you should only see the pop-up every xx minutes that you have set your mail client to check for mail from the server. I have my "Express" running minimised on the task bar and set to check for new mail every 2 minutes.

This is when I see the pop-up box from AVG. The benefit of leaving your mail client running and minimised is that you see an envelope in the notification area [Sys Tray] and hear a system sound to alert you to new mail.

  anchor 13:44 23 Nov 2004

Like you, I am with Pipex broadband, and can receive messages sent to my Lineone,(Tiscali), address via the Pipex connection. I do not have to connect to Tiscali directly to receive them. The same applies to other addresses I use.

I have simply set up a new account in Outlook with the incoming server pop3.lineone.net, my user name & password.

As DG said, connect direct to Lineone every 3-4 weeks to keep the account active. This you do using the old 56k dial up connection.

  Border View 14:45 23 Nov 2004

Many thanks everyone for the advice and reassurance.

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