Which Startup Items

  jim63 15:18 11 Nov 2009

Is there a simple list which tells me which startup items I can safely delete or disable in Vista

  tullie 15:23 11 Nov 2009

The only essential ones are your A/V and firewall.Type in msconfig in the run command then startup,untick everything except the above.

  GaT7 15:28 11 Nov 2009

A more detailed explanation if you need it click here - an extract:

"In Windows Vista, all of Windows' essential programs are loaded through something called "Windows Services." This means that most of the startup items you see in Vista are completely optional and can be turned off.

However, a good rule of thumb is to disable only those programs that you recognize and don't need to have running all the time. When in doubt, leave it on.

Or, better still, check out Paul "PacMan" Collins' huge "Startup Applications" list at click here. This list of over 13,000 startup items you may encounter in MSCONFIG tells you which items are absolutely necessary, which items are optional, and which items you should definitely uncheck."


  jim63 18:43 11 Nov 2009

Thank you have looked at your suggestions but find it confusing as I cannot find my startup items there.

  birdface 19:25 11 Nov 2009

You could try the free version of This.

click here

  birdface 19:27 11 Nov 2009

Sorry should have said startUpLight is what you want.And not Malwarebytes.

  rawprawn 19:36 11 Nov 2009

Download and install Winpatrol, which will make your start up items easy to handle and very much more.
This is one of the best free programs available and is easily upgraded to the Pro version for life.
click here

  gigagiggles 01:22 12 Nov 2009

i don't know if such a simple list exists. the pc maker and techs have their differing lists. the user will definitely differ depending on the pc's function and usage, as well as the user's comfortability with certain programs and applications.

some startups fall in the category of update services. the program-mer presumes user can be negligent in updating its program, thus the update service. if the user is diligent in its habits, then these update services are unnecessary.

decrapifier may help in ridding unused programs and their update services. the rest is entirely on the user to determine.

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