Which should I choose Vista or XP

  gazzaho 17:22 11 Feb 2008


I’m considering purchasing a new desktop PC in a few months or so, either that or self building one depending on whether or not I can find a reputable dealer, the machine will be mostly used for playing games and surfing the net with a little word processing thrown in, so it has to be high specification. The question is do I go for Vista or stick with XP? I can't format and install XP if I don't like Vista after buying it as my last two PC's only have Master Disks of XP to restore from, I don't have an original XP disk.

From what I’ve read in publications and on the net there seems to be a lot of damning reports about Vista, you know, incompatibility with hardware and software, along with being slower than XP in general and being a hog on memory, even dual booting the two seems to have problems with the restore utility. Everything I read seems to be bad, and the pending SP1 patch doesn’t seem to fix a lot either if reports are to be believed. I’m thinking of sticking with XP and perhaps installing Vista only when MS no longer support XP or when they finally fix Vista. It would be interesting to hear comments from anyone who has used both operating systems as to their preference for one or the other.

  Technotiger 17:28 11 Feb 2008

I personally think you will be better off sticking with XP. I have experienced Vista on a friends PC - they hate it, but are sticking with it 'cos they don't want the hassle of changing back to XP. Their new PC came already set-up with Vista. I use XP.

  anskyber 17:30 11 Feb 2008

I have used Vista for 12 months of trouble free usage.

With a new PC you will not have hardware issues but do check to see if your other hardware like printers have Vista drivers.

Some older software may not work, or there could be free upgrades on your software vendors site, I updated some that way.

Are there any critical bits of software you must have installed?

  Technotiger 17:30 11 Feb 2008

Should have added - XP will be around for a long time yet, just like Win '98 that is still being used my many.

  Totally-braindead 17:38 11 Feb 2008

Tried Vista, didn't like it and had a few problems and therefore back on XP.

Vista slowed my PC up noticeably. Admitadly is only a 3500 with 1 gig of RAM and a 7600GS card but I didn't think the slowdown I had heard about would be as noticeable as it was.
Now having said that. If you buy a decent spec dual core processor PC with plenty of memory and a reasonable graphics card then Vista is an option.

Theres many who are delighted with their Vista PC but my XP one does all I ask of it and runs quite a bit faster without Vista. I still have the Vista disk and do intend to try it again.... some time.

I've only seen 4 Vista PCs and only one I thought was ok. Two had very poor processors and crawled and one had a decent processor but with onboard graphics and too little memory and was fairly slow. The one that I did like was the same PC that I just mentioned with the decent processor but it has twice the memory.

  lisa02 17:46 11 Feb 2008


I had a few teething issues on one of two Vista machines, but it was easily cured by updating everything. Both machines are solid, one hasn't crashed since the updates and the other has never crashed since it was bought 2 1/2 months ago. They both do a lot of hours in a day aswell.

The interface between me and the hardware is fantastic I love the Aero features. My favourite is all my untitled pictures/vids where the icons appear as mini versions of the actual picture.

Just get plenty of oomph in the machine and it will run fine. Cheap as chips, is RAM and most other computer kit these days.

I'm sorry TechnoTiger but XP is history.
If you want to run older software and hardware do a bit of searching as someone's bound to have had either success or failure getting to run previously.

Why not post here what old hat stuff you wanna try with Vista?

  User-1229748 17:53 11 Feb 2008

if your going high spec it would be vista for me :)

  Technotiger 17:56 11 Feb 2008

I am not against Vista, I just prefer XP, I have a pretty good spec PC on which I am sure Vista would run fine, but my PC does all I want it to do at a very good speed including FSX Deluxe at almost highest settings. The few other games I sometimes play are all lower spec than FSX so I have not got any problems. I only do a bit of surfing as on this site, not much else other than emails, Skype, music and a bit of video and photography. I don't really have any 'old-hat' stuff.

  gazzaho 17:59 11 Feb 2008

Thanks for your posts guys, with regard to question anskyber and lisa02, I have no critical software that I can think of but you know something always turns up like a sore thumb. I’m more concerned about game performance and sound in games, from what I’ve read Vista only offers basic sound (no EAX) because of the way drivers are handled or something, if this is so then MS seem to have gone one step forward and two back so to speak. This seems to be the trend for them at the moment as the latest version of IE Explorer is, in my opinion, to say the least rubbish, slow clunky and unruly don’t even begin to describe that piece of software, and yet I use it because it has features I’ve become used to over the likes of Firefox, or perhaps it’s because my current system is so out of date lol.

As I say I don’t have any specific old software that I’m worrying won’t work, just that if I don’t like the thing and want to format and install XP I will have to fork out for a retail version in order to do so. I just wanted some feedback and impressions before making the decision, so thanks for the input.

  Totally-braindead 18:01 11 Feb 2008

I have to mention that some games are Vista only and in that regard Vista might be the better option but you do have to have a really good spec PC especially in the graphics card department as from what others have said you do take quite a hit on Frames Per Second using Vista.
Whether we will get more Vista only games appearing as we did with XP I just don't know. We might.

  lisa02 18:15 11 Feb 2008

XP... if you have it on a system and it works well, serving up everything you want then I couldn't and wouldn't argue a case for changing to Vista.

But if you're starting fresh with a clean slate and looking for a brand new system I could not recommend buying a new machine with an old operating system.

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