which scanner

  s-256399 16:39 03 Apr 2003

im looking for a scanner that can scan negatives and also scan multi photos at one time but save as seperate files

  Alan2 17:52 03 Apr 2003

I've just purchased a Canon CanoScan 5000F and it will do exactly what you want. However, I recommend you read reviews of competitors and visit their web sites.

I did and I am satisfied.


  s-256399 18:11 03 Apr 2003

ive been looking for 2 days now and ive just abouthad enough i was really set on the epson perfection photo 1660 as i have an epson printer but i then read that the canons can scan multi photos but i cant find out if epson can scan multiple photos i really shouldnt look any more as ill find something else that i want from a scanner

  Pesala 18:52 03 Apr 2003

You may have to use it for at least two years, so better make sure that you have what you want.

As regards scanning multiple images, I am fairly sure that that is just a matter of different software. Any photo editor can be used to crop any section of a scan and save it as a separate file, so I don't see that as an issue, though professionals may know that the right software can save a great deal of time. Scanning speed, quality, and a transparency adapter are the only issues to consider in my view.

  s-256399 22:10 03 Apr 2003

thanks for all your help and advice i think ill stick with the epson perfection photo1660 then

  Shopkins 09:34 04 Apr 2003

I have an older model from the Epson Perfection range. The default Epson driver software with that scanner could scan multiple photos in automatic mode by automatically cropping and straightening to produce individual images (although you have to be careful which software package you choose to have them sent to, otherwise this may not work). This only happens in automatic mode (with limited control over resolutions etc., unless this has changed since) - this will probably be adequate simply for rapidly scanning lots of photos, though. Otherwise, you can of course scan several photos to a single image and crop manually.

  s-256399 10:17 04 Apr 2003

thanks Shopkins that sounds like what iwanted to know as scanning lots of photos quickly is what i want to do. youd be amazed at how hard it has been to get that information i will get the 1660 and hope it does the job.

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