which router? please help!

  squirrelia 12:29 01 Oct 2005

i don't know much about computers. have just got ntl broadband for £9.99/month, and as in a shared house want two of us to be able to access internet independantly on different computers. have been told need to get a router, but don't have a clue! i believe my modem is a 'cable modem'. any help would be greatly appreciated.
the cheapest option would be best, though ope to the idea of wireless as have a laptop. ta

  Rayspan 12:48 01 Oct 2005

Best possible solution - though not cheapest - is an external router with hub.
I started off with a 4 port ethernet hub and connecting cable - really cheap, and great for sharing files between mine and my lady wife's computers. Couldn't get the hang of WinXP's Internet connection sharing though.
I then bought a NETGEAR ADSL Firewall router DG834, £60 approx. from NovaTech. It has an ADSL 'modem' and a four port ethernet hub built in. Good instruction set, just minutes to set up.
If you haven't already got an ethernet (LAN) port on your machine you will also need an adapter plug-in card. They aren't expensive.
With this set up, the ADSL link is available independently to either machine, a godsend if either crashes - as mine just did - or is just switched off.
If you got an extra £20 or so, there is a 'wireless' version of this router. Don't know much about that set-up. I assume you wouldn't need to drill holes in your upstairs and downstairs walls like I did, but you will need wireless adaptor cards!

  Rayspan 12:51 01 Oct 2005

I should read more carefully - I see you are a cable customer - so my verbose response won't help you much. It still applies in the main though, just make sure you go for a 'cable' router - of whichever stripe - not an 'ADSL' one.

  coolteentom 13:07 01 Oct 2005


I was in the same position as you a few months ago. I ended up getting a Netgear RP614 router which is wired, but is pretty cheap ( click here off ebay) and allows 4 computers using ethernet. I have had no problems and I run 2 laptops and a PC through it.


  stylehurst 13:30 01 Oct 2005

An alternative to Netgear is a Belkin F5D5231UK4, cost £40 from PC World; you will also need Cat 5 cables to connect the 2 computers to the router. The NTL cable modem connects to the WAN port on the router.
Belkin provide an nearly automastic set up.
I use this set up on Telewest Blueyonder, and it has never failed me.

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