Which router is best ?

  M&Meera 16:16 19 Nov 2007

Hi, I am not good with computers can anyone recommend a router I am on Virgin Media cable / broadband. My computer is going to be put at the bottom of the back garden in a office, 30-35ft away the modem is situated upstairs back bedroom with by the window, there is only one wall in the way. The main issues are that it shouldnt cause problems like internet slowing down drastically, or locking up etc. must run smoothly, also at some point in the near future I'll be getting a lap top to use in the house so it needs to be future proof too. Please help a computer novice !.

  Ashrich 12:11 20 Nov 2007

Personally I would go for running ethernet cable down to the office , far more reliable , but if you must have wireless then go for one of the new " Draft N " routers , the D-Link one ( DIR-655 Extreme ) would be my choice , in the reviews I have read it has been top of the pile , but be prepared to spend more than average on suitable kit to go with it , either a PCI or PCIe card or a USB dongle to match the spped on offer . New laptops nowadays seem to come with wireless N cards built in , so you'd need to check the one you want has that capability as well .


  Strawballs 21:10 21 Nov 2007

I have been using a Linksys wrt54g now for 3 yrs without problems, I can access my network from the house opposite upstairs at the back with my laptop and the router is downstairs at the back of my house, there is a speedboost version but I have seen people complaining about them and as even on virgin the fastest connection speed is 20meg so the 54meg is quite enough.

  uesquebeathus 16:06 22 Nov 2007

if you want a reliable fuss free stick to a wired system, maybe in a few years we will have caught up and have a pain/fuss free and secure wireless system but its not here yet, and all very good routers should have built in Firewall protection

  john bunyan 18:00 22 Nov 2007

I use a Linksys WAG54GX2, If I change ISP's from Pipex to, say Zen , do you know what info I need in advance from them as my email, etc will all change at the same time, and I want to keep the router?.

  Strawballs 00:13 23 Nov 2007

You would be able to use that router on both of those ISP's, you should really have started a new thread for youself.

  MadBob 15:21 25 Nov 2007

Wireless speeds are nowhere near the rated value.
You are unlikely to get above 20Mbs with G and at distance a lot less.

I have measured my my 100 Mbs wired network at around 70-80 Mbs real transfer speed. so in the real world around four times faster.

Cable broadband is at point where wireless network speeds can begin to be the "bottleneck".

For most use wireless should be OK but always go wired if possible.

I have a three floor solid wall Victorian house house and my WRT54G router works fine throughout although I must say my new Acer laptop seems far more sensitive than my "old" Gericom.


  M&Meera 20:41 25 Nov 2007

I thought my problem had been solved when I got a Netgear WGR 614 router. Took two goes at installing the router and lots of time calling the call centre which I found a bit unhelpful also had to call Virgin Media several times in the end managed to get a wireless connection, but the signal is too weak or something to load up internet - the router was right next to the adapter !. So, Netgear back in box and me back to square one.

Thanks to several of you who have suggested Linksys WRT54G will have to have a look at that one..

  mcut 10:11 26 Nov 2007

i have the D-Link DIR-635, the one down from the 655 mentioned in post by Ashrich. i live in victorian terrace and i get a v good to excellent signal all through the house and into the back garden. it is draft n 2.0 which means is SHOULD work when N standard is adopted.

you can get this router for around £60 online and

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i apologise in advance if i am breaching any forum rules by advertising" for Argos.

i have had no problems and the setup cd is a breeze.

  acemodder 11:25 09 Aug 2008

D-Link DIR-655 300Mbps Gigabit Edition Wireless Cable Router

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