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  allstar 19:20 01 Jun 2004


I wish to purchase a router. The needs are such that I would like it to be able to have ADSL and cable (NTL) broadband access for multiple machines.

I heard somewhere that netgear did a router that would allow multiple machines to access the internet from the same router using an ntl connection, but am unsure which one.

The reason that I need both ADSL and NTL is that I am going to move to ntl in the future.

Wireless would be nice, but not essential.

Can the forum help?

  swiss$tony 19:28 01 Jun 2004

I bought a D-Link DI 604 router from Novatech for about £30-ish not long ago. I am on ntl bb and run 2 pc's via ethernet cables just fine. This bit of kit will run 4 pc's and is very easy to set up.

Hope this helps

  TomJerry 19:51 01 Jun 2004

You could consider a wireless one if you do not want messy cable. You can find may choices in broadbandbuyer click here.

  Sir Radfordin 19:54 01 Jun 2004

You need to be careful because cable broadband (NTL/Telwest BY) tends to use a cable modem and RJ45 connection whilst ADSL (from whoever) needs an ADSL modem which typically is a USB connection.

A router for a cable modem will not work with ADSL and an ADSL Modem/Router will not be any good with a cable modem.

Not sure if you can convert an ADSL USB modem to use the RJ45 connection and thus a router - perhaps someone else does!? I'm fairly sure the router I use with my cable modem won't work with ADSL because it doesn't have the option of setting a username/password for the connection.

Have just bought a Netgear ADSL Router for someone else from Simply after the recommendation of other users from this site.

  SEASHANTY 20:45 01 Jun 2004

Difference between a Broadband (cable) router and
an ADSL router
click here=

  allstar 18:55 02 Jun 2004

Apologies for the late reply, but I had to go to work.

Thanks for the help.

It looks like I'll have to get a router/modem for my Plusnet ADSL connection for now and purchase again when I move over to NTL.

Can anyone suggest a decent router with inbuilt modem which will do the job?


  TomJerry 19:02 02 Jun 2004

Just get a router without modem and get a adsl modem with Ethernet/Lan connection (not usb collection). So when you move to NTL, you can still use the router. A router is just a router it can take any kind of network connection.

By the way, a adsl modem with one Ethernet connection can also be called a one-port router.

  allstar 19:08 02 Jun 2004


Thanks for the reply.

That sounds like a good idea. I really only need the router when I get ntl, so would need advice on an ADSL modem then.

  byfordr 10:08 03 Jun 2004

Got a friend who uses Netgear MR814 (on NTHELL) - it's the wireless-B version without the built-in ADSL modem. Cable companies normally provide a cable modem which needs to be plugged in.

  TomJerry 12:21 03 Jun 2004

Good brand:

Modem: £46 D-Link DSL-300T Ethernet ADSL Modem, click here

Router: Wired one with firewall D-Link DI-604 4-Port Broadband Router £27 (very good) click here

Wireless router with firewall: D-Link DI-514 11Mbps Broadband Wireless Router (has both wired and wireless connection) £43.60 click here

As modem is only a temp buy, you could consider a cheaper option: Ebuyer 1 Port Ethernet ADSL Modem Router £22.32 click here. Cheap is not always bad. I am using 4 port version and very satisfied.

  mdshamilton 12:51 03 Jun 2004

Model WGR614
Cable/DSL Wireless Router 54 Mbps/2.4 GHz

click here=

The above mentioned router appears to work with both a cable or a "DSL" connection.

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