Which registry cleaner final decision

  The F1 Help Key 15:51 29 Dec 2007

Yes, your computer will ten times run better if you occasionally clean your Windows system registry. But how?
i have been addicted with downloading and using all almost all registry cleaner on the net,but only few are perfect registry cleaner

"Regseeker" this program is officially supported by Microsoft for Windows XP systems,and can be download on Microsoft download center and there click here

Then we got some of the registry cleaner that have been already discuss on this forum.

CCleaner Link click here

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Link click here

WinASO Registry Optimizer Link click here

Wise Registry Cleaner Link click here

All These software are free and virusfree!Close your eyes and enjoy your computer performance

  spuds 18:00 29 Dec 2007

" Close your eyes and enjoy your computer performance". But I think one thing could be missing, is the warning that using registry cleaners with a 'Closed eye attitude', can perhaps lead to further problems.

I would always suggest that whatever programme you use, make sure that you understand it before deleting anything from the registry ;o)

Would mention that I have used or still use some of those mentioned above and linked. All provided a good and free method, and are recommended by many.

  skidzy 18:21 29 Dec 2007

Everyone has there favourites,however i use Ccleaner weekly and Winaso monthly or after a session of uninstalling programs.

There are various cleaners out there,my advice is stick to the ones that are recommended.

  sunny staines 19:04 29 Dec 2007

F1 Key

I agree with your reg cleaner list with the exception of wise reg cleaner their last update caused quit a few errors and I no longer use that one. my fav is clearly eusing free reg cleaner, as good as winaso but cleans all in one go instead of ten at a time.

  DieSse 19:51 29 Dec 2007

I'm still happy using Wise cleaner. I've run it fairly frequently, only delete the "safe" issues, and not had any problems at all.

Also recommended it at the computer club, and several have run it with no issues.

However, with ANY registry cleaner - better be sure you understand what's going on, and that changes are backed up.

  Clarke708 04:44 30 Dec 2007

My advice would be to thoroughly search the list of errors that registry cleaner displays. Majority of the registry issues are invalid entries.

There are plenty of registry cleaners in the market. I would also advice to go for the popular one if you are not sure.

In the end, my recommendation would be RegBooster.
click here

  Furkin 10:43 30 Dec 2007

an interesting topic. I have only ever used a C.Cleaner once, as I read on these pages (someones opinion) that it's 'fool-proof'. After I did my first sweep,,,, I started to read, again on these pages, that one should know what they are doing before using any of them, as they can cause problems.

I have been considering the C.Cleaner for a while, but now I see that there is a MS approved item, might go for that.

My question is:
how does a learner/first timer know what to let it delete,,, what to let it keep etc ?

((ADMIN: Is it worth it/proper to start a New Topic with this quest ?))

Happy New Year to you All

  Joe R 10:53 30 Dec 2007


ccleaner (as well as the others) gives you the opportunity to back up your registry, before effecting any changes.

If you use this opportunity, then it is just a matter of restoring your back-up copy, if anything goes wrong.

  Earthsea 10:54 30 Dec 2007

I've used Regseeker for years and always deleted everything it finds. Remember to run registry cleaners as many times as it takes to remove everything or until only irremovable entries remain (usually 2 or 3 times), but always make a backup before doing so.

I also use CCleaner, which is also excellent, but primarily to remove unwanted files.

  spuds 14:47 30 Dec 2007

Its not really necessary or advisable to send personal emails to forum members in response to a posting, unless a forum members requests that you do so. Best to provide responses on-line for all to see, and possibly provide further replies.

For other forum members interested in the email (which I find slightly confusing)and perhaps can be explained further by The F1 Help Key!.

(Quote as sent in full) " clever person will never try a free registry cleaner download on the net, cause this will have no gaurantee wheras comercial registry cleaner provide support and a gaurantee that if ur Pc is corrupted they will fix ur Pc for free at home... regards
yeah u are right" (end of quote).

  carper 16:12 30 Dec 2007

I use CCleaner almost every day before I switch off and have never had problems. The only thing you have to watch is that it will clear cookies which are needed to remember you in forums like this, but it is very simple to set up what to keep. Regards Carper

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