which ram to choose?

  palinka 18:12 04 Dec 2004

I want to install extra 512RAM on my Win ME, currently operating on 128MB. I've used Crucial's very helpful site to establish what I need/will work with my system but Crucial's diagnosis leaves me with a choice of CL2 or CL3 versions of what seems to be otherwise the same SDRAM. Which should i buy?

  alan227 19:12 04 Dec 2004

The "CL" in CL2 and CL3 is CAS Latency... CL2 is faster but it may
> or may not make a difference.
So go for the cheaper one.

  Dorsai 19:14 04 Dec 2004

One thing is to ask/email crucial. Then if it wont work, you bought it at their suggestion, so they should swop it FOC.

Also try click here and use their memory finder. It may narrow it down.

I dont know what the difference between CL2 and CL3 is, perhaps someone could enlighten us both, together whith if it actually matters to start with.

  Dorsai 19:17 04 Dec 2004

Thanks for that alan227. now i know.

  Dorsai 19:25 04 Dec 2004

And thanks also to Crx1600, for a bit more info.

  palinka 22:26 04 Dec 2004

thanks, everyone. alan227, they are both the same price! Thanks, Dorsai, I'll take a look at Kingston.

  palinka 22:44 04 Dec 2004

Kingston's site didn't help much, crucial's was better - but their answer seems to ne it doesn't matter which I choose. Apparently CL2 is quicker initially, but as we're talking nanoseconds it won't be noticeable!

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