Which ram?

  beef38 14:54 03 May 2003

Ok i have just ordered some ddrram pc2700 from click here for a very good price, however i have no idea whether it is unbuffered as that is the only kind my mobo supports. I have and asus A7V333 and the product code is DDR-DIMM PC2700 512MB DDR CL2.5
Generic memory 184-P (for DDR-PC333MHz) (2)

It is the right no. of pins, 184 but i still am not too sure. Please could sum1 give me advice on this. thanks

  DieSse 16:44 03 May 2003

Personally i wouldn't touch "generic" RAM with a barge pole. It's the lowest of the available grades.

1st are chips made by major manufactureres, put on modules to JDEC standard, by the manufacturers.

3rd are chips made by major manufacturers, put on modules which may or may not be to JDEC standards, by a 3rd party

Generic, or OEM are chips from anywhere (can be test fallouts from major suppliers), put on any old modules, often not to JDEC standards, by who knows who.

I would recommend you to have a look at crucial, who will also advise you on the correct specification modules for your system. click here

  clayton 17:19 03 May 2003

If youve just ordered it cancel the order & get yourself some click here

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