which processor is better?

  7 20:38 05 Jun 2004

i want to buy a laptop from good company. my confusion started when i found out that the laptop with pentium processor are very costly than athlon processor. I didn't understand y is that so? kindly explain if possible.

Also I wonder than which to buy as I was intersted in buying the Dell one but due to finances I am thinking of buying athlon one but i don't understand there series like I know that P4 with 3.3ghz is the best one but i don't know same in athlon which is equivqlent to p4 3.2. thanku in anticipation...

  siliconbits 20:43 05 Jun 2004

Intel are really for ppl who are new in IT. AMD are for ppl who are already in IT. Else why should Intel charge so much ;-)

  woodchip 20:46 05 Jun 2004

If you can a centrino

  TomJerry 20:53 05 Jun 2004

What kind of machine you need, portable or transportable? Do you want to play latest graphics intersive games?

  TomJerry 20:55 05 Jun 2004

Personally, I do not really care what processor inside. As long as I get the right machine for the right job at a reasonable price.

  computernerdiamnot 21:22 05 Jun 2004

Basically could you list what you want to do and then you can take it from there as forum members would then guide you. You can by laptops from £499 up to £2000 but it really comes down to what you use it for.

  Charence 21:29 05 Jun 2004

I would recommend that you use Intel. Preferrably Intel P4 with HT technology.

Maybe you could tell us what you plan to do with it so we can give a better recommendation.


  ste_bla 21:45 05 Jun 2004

HT technology really makes no difference and in some cases can cause software to crash, as i found out; so off to the bios and turn it off... it gained in most of the benchmarking programs so off it stayed..

  Taw® 22:19 05 Jun 2004

If your not a techie it wont matter. I use AMD and swear by them, my father-in-law uses pentium and swears by them. W'eve both been using computers for years, have come across problems, solved them, played games, enjoyed them, have used all sorts of software, some good some bad, but we can't convince each other to change to the others preffered chip. Look at what your buying, if you like, buy and enjoy!!

  TomJerry 22:58 05 Jun 2004

do not know, maybe startrak 2005

  computernerdiamnot 00:32 06 Jun 2004

From way back whan cyrix dropped of the market AMD has been giving intel a run for its money,
For every day tasks there will be no difference in a Intel or AMD except the price of course.

I have been around computers for years and i have used Intel, cyrix AMD and yes they all have thier good and bad points somewhere.

But please bear in mind not everybody wants to pay a premium when they can have something that does the job just as good or even better.

Is Armani jeans better than a high street pair of jeans, no i dont think so just a lot more exspensive.

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