which processor is best for gaming?

  Pc Learner 2007 16:57 17 Jul 2007

Please help I am having a PC built by Pc Specialist and i just want to make sure I have chose a good processor for gaming, Intel Pentium D 925 (2x3ghz) 800mhz fsb/2 x 2mb L2 cache.
Or should i go for a intel core 2 duo?

  Fingees 17:01 17 Jul 2007

Looking at its spec, I would say it's first class for gaming.

Make sure you also have a first class graphics board.

  Pc Learner 2007 17:13 17 Jul 2007

graphics card is 512mb geforce 8600gts pci express.

  umbongo(uk) 00:15 18 Jul 2007

the successor to the presler core you are thinking of purchasing is the core duo due to the new f a b design and lower soi wattage use

are you on a budget for the proccessor if so
id suggest the newer core 2 duo in the same price bracket
you can always upgrade at a later date

so if its a new build go for the new cpu core
either the e4300 or the e4400
the e2160 beats the 925 in real world benchmarks and are thermally cooler chips

heres a quick post to give you an idea
both the 925 and e2140 and e2160 are shown in link at bottom ,the e2140 is in the same league as the presler chip
but is more efficient/cooler thus making the new tech better than the old hot chip
hell the e2160 is only slightly slower than the more expensive e4300
if your wanting a good cpu id suggest the e2160 as it should only be an extra £4/5.00 as the pentium d 925 retails at around £55.00 ish give or take the e2160 is £58.20 again dependent on what the shop is going to charge you

both the price are what i found on the web when comparing 925 & e2160

e2160 have good benchmarks for games

link for cpu comparison
click here

REMEMBER its your decision which you go for these are just examples of whats out there
in the pentium d 925 cpu,s alternantive new core duo range
happy computing

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