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  NotVeryTechie 15:49 27 Feb 2008

Hi there

Looking at prices of laptops, I see that the AMD dual core processors are much cheaper, but not slower than the Intel duo core ones. What is the difference? Which is better? Does it matter very much if you aren't looking for huge speed?

Thanks for all the help!

  Kemistri 16:19 27 Feb 2008

"Not slower" by clock speed? Or "not slower" according to benchmarks?

That's a largely rhetorical question, admittedly, but you see my point: clock speed ratings count for relatively little in comparison to to things like efficiency, transistor size, cache size, etc.

Check some product reviews that show benchmark scores.

  NotVeryTechie 16:38 27 Feb 2008

Not sure I understand most of that. Also not sure where to find reviews of the particular models of Toshiba laptops that I am looking for.

  Kemistri 17:24 27 Feb 2008

"Not sure I understand most of that" -- It's not as if my response contained very many obscure technical terms.

Intels are reported to be more efficient per clock cycle; they have smaller transistors (the wires are down to 45nm now -- which are more efficient); and the cache is bigger.

Reviews are everywhere -- on the web and in print.

  Totally-braindead 18:12 27 Feb 2008

Does this help any? click here

  NotVeryTechie 09:57 28 Feb 2008

Thank you Totally-braindead, it helps a bit, but the models I am looking at all have notations like Intel Duo Core 1.6Ghz or AMD Turion 1.9Ghz or such (there are a few more, but all in the same sort of region). I don't know if there is a real difference between the performance of these or if one is just paying a lot more for the Intel name??

Kemistri - from my login and the title of the forum area (absolute beginners) you may be able to work out why I can't understand what the difference between clock speed and benchmark is. And I don't know where to find information on the specific models of Toshiba laptops that I am looking at and I don't know if I am worrying about nothing and should just buy the cheaper model because perhaps it won't make a difference. That is why I am asking here.

  chub_tor 10:01 28 Feb 2008

This may or may not confuse you some more but it will help with your understanding of laptop comparisons including processors and graphics cards. click here is a comparison site for all things notebook - yes it is American but it contains most popular models.

  chub_tor 10:03 28 Feb 2008

Should have said to click on the FAQ about half way down on the left.

  NotVeryTechie 10:21 28 Feb 2008

Thank you chub_tor, just one quicky, which of the bits listed are important, or are they all equally important.

To clarify, I don't play a lot of games, just a bit of Caesar III and looking at IV and otherwise work on Excell and Word and a bit of database stuff. I also play with photos in photoshop and would like to watch some DVDs on the computer.

So the question really is, is there going to be a marked difference in my usage between say an AMD and an Intel chip, or am I paying a lot more for a laptop without really increasing the performance.

The other question was that I saw on some of the Caesar sites that people were saying that the laptops heated up when the cities they were building got too big and then the whole thing would just freeze. Is this a design problem on all laptops or will the processor or graphics card or whatever else make a difference here? Is it better to get a smaller (say 15.4") screen rather than a 17.1"? Sorry, that question may not make much sense at all, hope you can unravel some of it.

  chub_tor 10:33 28 Feb 2008

I can't help with the games stuff at all as the only "game" I ever play is Mahjong on a Toshiba P100 laptop and that very rarely. I decided to go with a Toshiba with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor as I was interested in three things 1. A large screen, 2. A separate numeric keypad 3. Battery life. My useage is much the same as yours apart from the games. If I were to choose again today I would probably go for a Toshiba again and upgrade to the P200 with a built in webcam and preferably with better graphics if I was interested in games. I wuld check out the graphics more than the processor if I waa you. 17" laptops are considerably heavier than 15.4" laptops, not a problem for me as I don't travel with mine.

  keef66 11:48 28 Feb 2008

first, have a look at the Laptop Advisor section of this website (up a bit and to the left) It will tell you what's important and what's not.

I'd say processor, amount of ram, HDD size, screen size, and graphics capability in that order.

I was going to suggest Tom's Hardware Guide for benchmarks of mobile processors, but there's only about 8 Intels in there.

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