Which processor?

  Pooke 17:24 08 Sep 2005

Want to buy a new top of the line system. Which processor should I be looking at in the AMD line up and need a motherboard recommendation too.

Actually suggest a base for me for £1200ish I don't wanna buy Dell or Mesh etc.

Pretty Please.


  chris05 17:25 08 Sep 2005

you may wanna have a look whats on offer on the review section of this site unless you wanna build your self.

  Pooke 17:29 08 Sep 2005

Have someone that will build for me, so a list of components would be good.

Erm, graphics I'm not into gamming that much. should I get 2 cards in the SLI config. Or is one card enough? and which card?

I wanna future proof as much as possible.

Has the review section been updated? last time I looked it was still recommending Tiny computers.


  chris05 17:45 08 Sep 2005

This is personal prefrence onöy so no one start dishing me here here we go.

Cpu: 3500-4000+ 64 bit Amd athlon

Ram: at least 1 gig minimum i like infinion

Board: to many to choose from but I would want sata, pcie, a good fsb speed, lan onboard, 6-8 usb ports.

Sound: at least a Creative 2 zs.

Graphics: My prefrence would be the Nvidea 6800gt ultra but they aint cheap if you dont play many games a 6600 would be okay or even a radeon 9800 Pro

Hard disk: Sata drive at least 300Gb (my Pref)

evry thing else is personal pref but you could go way better than this with the money you wanna spend.

  Pooke 17:49 08 Sep 2005

socket? what do the numbers mean? which should I get.

I want a pretty impressive machine, to annoy the heck outta my jealous friends and relatives ;D


  User-312386 18:00 08 Sep 2005

Socket 939

Here is a Barebones which is dual core and has 1GB ram click here

Next is the HDD click here

Graphics card click here

  User-312386 18:01 08 Sep 2005

Just added that up and it is £1085.86 inc vat

  Pooke 18:05 08 Sep 2005

So is socket 939 the best to get?

madboy I like your suggestions, and they are within budget. Just to find out delivery costs and what the company is like to deal with.....

  User-312386 18:33 08 Sep 2005

Novatech is fantastic

However, the system does NOT come with a monitor

If i were you i would look around and buy the components all seperate and make the system yourself. However, if you are not confident enough to do it then don't.

Ask yourself the questions below

Do you really need Dual core? If not get AMD64 click here

Do you need a state of the art Graphics card? If not get this click here

You can still make a good system and not pay a huge amount

  Pooke 18:41 08 Sep 2005

I budgetted 1200 for a base, your recommendation meets it. I have been reading this click here (not that it does anything but hurt my head) but that x2 scores well.

Also my other system is being sold click here just need to figure out how much.

Budget's not an issue, so I can use the money I get from the sale of my old system to get a monitor and stuff.

I have bookmarked your recommendations, and if I can't find better else where I'll be buying that at the end of the month.


  GaT7 18:47 08 Sep 2005

I would go with a cheaper graphics card (as you're not into games) & spend the money you save on a spanking 19" TFT, plus a sleek case & a good-looking wireless keyboard-mouse set.

Most people (who are not geeks) will be more impressed with outward appearance rather than all the internal firepower that won't make much sense to them & which you may never need. G

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