Which port for new graphics card?

  claluc 13:33 10 Mar 2007

Hi all,

Following some problems reported in previous posts, I have decided to install a new graphics card to replace the onboard graphics of my PC.

PC is an Evesham Axis with onboard Nvidia Geforce 2 graphics and onboard sound.

Motherboard is Winforce K7NCR18GPro.
On the motherboard there are 3 free PCI slots and 1 free AGP slot.

OS Win XPHome SP2.


1)Which graphics card would be best suited in order to play games? (present one crashes, see my other posts)

2) Will it best to install the new card in the AGP or PCI slot?

3) Will the new card automatically disable the onboard graphics or do I need to do anything to achieve this?

4) Will this change affect onboard sound at all? ( I would like to avoid buying a sound card as well.

Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:44 10 Mar 2007

1. How much do you want to pay?

2. You do not have a PCI express slot so will need an AGP graphics card.

3. All new AGP (decent ones will auto siable on board graphics.

4. No

  GaT7 13:50 10 Mar 2007

1) Please let us know your present PC spec (CPU, motherboard, memory, etc), games you'll be playing & budget for the new card (other posts? please provide links).

2) If the new card is AGP then in the AGP slot. If PCI/PCIE, then in their respective slots.

3) You'll need to do this in the BIOS (though it may do it automatically depending on the card).

4) No, if you don't specifically disable onboard sound (but I've had to at times reinstall sound drivers when I've updated the graphics ones). G

  GaT7 13:55 10 Mar 2007

Sorry, I forgot the power supply (PSU) - please let us know it's rating too. G

  claluc 22:13 10 Mar 2007

CPU is AMD Athlon XP2400+
Memory 512 MB DDR Ram
Sound NVidia Soundstorm 6Ch Audio
Mobo is Winforce K7NCR18GPro.

Given both AGP and PCI slots free, which one is best to go for?

Budget arpund 40-60£, Novatech has a few cards in that range.

Present PSU 250W but will be replaced with 450-500W one.

Thanks for your help so far

  GaT7 22:46 10 Mar 2007

AGP is the best/recommended for your PC.

Could you provide links to the Novatech cards you were thinking of?

May I suggest this for the money (both when they become available: Innovision GeForce 7600GS 256MB click here for £60 (choose free del) - it's the best for the money. This could be the next best: XFX 6600GT 256Mb for £54-55 (incl del) click here.

I think most modern games will play on medium to low settings with the above.

May I suggest upgrading the memory by another 512Mb. G

  daba 23:03 10 Mar 2007

AGP slots were specifically designed for graphics cards, so I would go with the AGP, and of course that leaves your PCI slots free for other peripheral devices when you've got that new PSU in place.

  claluc 23:27 10 Mar 2007

I was thinking of either of the following:
click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Just don't know which one will fit my system best.

Any advice?

  jam500 07:17 11 Mar 2007

I would go with the card crossbow7 suggested, The 7600gs card for your money.

  GaT7 21:17 11 Mar 2007

The Novatech cards you linked to are relatively poor compared to the ones I've suggested.

256-512Mb more system memory will give it a good boost too. G

  claluc 12:14 12 Mar 2007

Thanks all,

I will take on Crossbow's advice as soon as they have it in stock.
Will post to let you know how it goes..

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