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  Kashola 12:03 16 Dec 2007

Hi folks,

joined this forum with view of seeking expert advice from the experienced members.

I am wanting to buy a new PC as my current one is in serious need of replacing. I've had it for 9 years and figured replacement would be a better option that upgrade.

Anyway, I am not a gamer so therefore will not be using it for that purpose. However, I do like to have various apps running (for instance, downloading music, watching a video, or using MS office, to give you the gist.

I've been looking at this PC from Cube:

click here

I was wondering whether you think this is really good.

I would probably throw in the digital TV tuner in there as i plan to watch TV on my PC.

Anything else i should look out for?

  Kashola 12:05 16 Dec 2007

oh by the way, If you can recommend one thats better value for money, that would be great. I really dont want to pay more than a £1000 and want one thats going to see me well into the next 5-10 years

  Totally-braindead 14:08 16 Dec 2007

You're right in what you say, if your PC is that old to be perfectly honest you can't upgrade it. A new PC is definatly the way to go.

I do have one question about the PC you linked to. It mentions it has 8 gig of memory but it doesn't mention which version of Vista Premium it has. In order to use all 8 gig you need 64 bit windows, the standard 32 bit will only see 4 gig in total and that includes the 768mb on the graphics card. So if its 32 bit windows then it will only see 3 and a quarter gigs of the 8 gig memory.

Its not quite that simple however as 64 bit windows has a quirk. Any hardware you install and that includes printers and scanner in fact anything must have a certified 64 bit Vista driver or it won't work. In fact it will refuse to install.

Because of this I would get a PC with 32 bit windows and at the most 4 gig of memory.

  Totally-braindead 14:11 16 Dec 2007

click here if you are a gamer.
Or have a look at the Executer range click here

Those prices do not include monitor you have to pick one and add that on.

  Kashola 18:33 16 Dec 2007

However, if it is 64bit will it recognise the full 8GB?

The executor range looks ok. However, it only comes with 2GB.

I would prefer 4GB at least..Im trying to make my PC as futureproof as possible.

  Totally-braindead 21:10 16 Dec 2007

If you have 32 bit windows it will recognise 4 gig max but that includes whatever the graphics card has as I said earlier. So if you fit a 512mb graphics card it will say you have 3.5 gig memory not 4 as it will take the half gig off for the graphics card.
64 bit windows will recognise 8 gig but am unsure if that takes the graphics card as well.

Do please bear in mind the driver issue I mentioned.

I notice the executor range at Novatech mentions dual channel RAM. I would phone them say you are interested in an executor PC but need more memory and ask if it has slots free to add another 2 gig of memory.

Or try Cougar Extreme click here haven't dealt with them myself but they get good feedback from their customers and if you pick one you can click configure and alter it to your hearts content adding a quad core processor, more memory etc.

  100andthirty 22:01 16 Dec 2007


This looks far more powerful than you're likely to need unless you play up to the minute games. If you go ahead, not that the operating system is extra.

You don't need to spend more than £800 for a thoroughly decent PC that will last for years.

I'm not particularly recommending this, but it's more like the sort of thing you need.

click here

Try a good local store, or people speak highly of Novatech

  Kashola 22:15 16 Dec 2007

Braindead, can i email you and put a question to you, if that is ok?

have Novatech taken over Evesham?

Personally, I prefer this one here:

click here

  Totally-braindead 15:03 17 Dec 2007

Kashola email you if you wish but I don't know if I can answer whatever you're going to ask.

I don't know if Novatech have taken over Evesham or not I'm afraid perhaps someone else knows.

The PC you link to looks good the Novatech equivalent would be the Executor at £768.45 add a 22" cheap widescreen monitor at £169 and the total is £937 approx, £60 cheaper than the one you linked to. Must admit it appears to be quite pretty, a good looking case.

  Ashrein 18:34 17 Dec 2007

If you are thinking of Evesham how about this machine :- click here

  Kashola 19:02 17 Dec 2007


does look ok

I may wait till early january as i feel prices maybe reduced further and then it will be a better deal

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