which os. 98 -2000-or XP

  second best 02:03 02 Feb 2003

i have 98se but i am a media student and do alot of digitall editing on my machine. would there be an advantage to upgrading to one of the other os?

  y_not 06:55 02 Feb 2003

98SE is an okay O/S - I use it sometimes on a spare PC simply because I have a copy of it (and it refreshes my memory of blue screens!)

2000 is my preferred choice - and I also do a fair amount of DV editing. O/S is as solid as a rock - never locks/freezes/crashes.

XP is (remember folks this is just my opinion) 2000 with bells and whistles added. It tries to "best guess" what you will want to do when you add hardware/software etc. All these features can be turned of (saving power for what you really want it for) but once turned of you have the 2000 O/S.

If you own 98 and its working for you why change?

  BBez 07:21 02 Feb 2003

Win 2000 is reliable. Had one BSOD in 9 months...

  -pops- 07:33 02 Feb 2003

For media work, the bells and whistles of XP over and above 2000 are a definite plus point.

XP works on the same engine as 2000, is just as stable if not more so. I have been running XP since it first came out and never had a BSOD or even the xP equivalent (I don't think XP has BSODs per se).

Perhaps more important though for digital editing is to have plenty of RAM and hard disk space. If your current W98 machine is anything like old, get these things as well.


  temp003 07:47 02 Feb 2003

I use w2k as well, and I love it for its stability. It's also a common misconception that w2k is only for corporate setups. Have not used XP, but y not's comparison between XP and w2k sounds quite a good summary. w2k is also less intrusive.

But by all accounts, XP is a very good OS, and should be just as stable. And if you think you've read more reports of problems with XP on this forum, I suspect it's only because far more people use XP. Since it's the more recent OS, you get slightly more native functionality (and possibly longer-term support, but that's not really significant). Much as I'd like people to try w2k, I would suggest XP is the one to go for.

Make sure your machine is compatible before you decide to switch to XP or w2k. Also bear in mind that both w2k and XP will require more resources from your computer, especially memory, XP a little more so than w2k.

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