which o/s

  TLzook 10:41 22 Jan 2003
  TLzook 10:41 22 Jan 2003

i'm just putting together a new pc which is :-

asus a7n8x
radeon 9500
512ddr pc2100
nforce onboard sound
ide drives etc

question is I am fortunate in having various os to choose from so which would you use,
win me
win 2000
or should i get xp ...gulp

thx all

  TLzook 10:43 22 Jan 2003

should have added its mostly a games and web machine but i do have office 2000 that cost me dear, is this backward supported by xp?

  jazzypop 11:31 22 Jan 2003

Office 2000 will run just fine on XP (which would be my choice of O/S).

  Hotfingers 11:51 22 Jan 2003

Do you have lots of old games or software you want to use? There could be a problem running some of it on XP as a lot of older software is not comaptible. If you do I would say go with Win98SE. However, if you don't I would strongly recommend XP as it is more stable, runs faster and will make the best of your hardware. I am sure you are aware that you will need to activate XP which seems to have upset some people. If you can get both then you could dual boot your system, have XP for modern applications and 98SE for the older bits.

You say the PC you are building has an onboard sound card? I am not familier with the type but as a rule of thumb onboard sound is bad news when trying to play games.

  Lú-tzé 12:05 22 Jan 2003

My advice for what it is worth:

Partition your hdd.

install win98 on drive c

install win2k (WinXP if you can afford it) on dirve d

Then you have the best of both worlds!

  nightporter 12:07 22 Jan 2003

In this day and age, onboard sound is better than sound cards from maybe 2 years ago.

  Hotfingers 12:12 22 Jan 2003

True, would you put a a sound card two years old in a machine this fast?

  nightporter 12:33 22 Jan 2003

I was refering to the sound quality, I have a similar cpu, better graphics card GForce 4 Ti4200, and faster RAM. My onboard sound is great, but this thread isn't about that, so I'll leave it at that.

  TLzook 12:58 22 Jan 2003


yes it is on board sound but on the asus a7n8x its the nforce 5.1 chipset so i am hoping its ok.

i'm still a big toca2 fan so thats a must but obviously i want new games hence the system.


dual boot sounds like a good idea but
i don't have much cash left now but will shops sell oem xp to the public, i dont see much advantage in retail since you dont get a decent manual!

I take it nobody rates win2000 then?

  nightporter 13:31 22 Jan 2003

If you want XP OEM you have to buy it with hardware, i.e A hard drive, etc.

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