which nvida driver do I choose

  david.h 21:05 24 Nov 2003

I have a STB VELOCITY graphics card, I am using XP PRO with the xp pro driver from the xp disc.

My System shows my driver as NVIDIA RIVA TNT 16mb.
[Version 5.1.2001.0. intregrated RAMDAC]

I visited the NVIDIA website to seek an driver upgrade which gave me two options

geforce tnt2 or riva 128/128x.

STB VELOCITY seems to have been absorbed by NVIDA

which one do I choose?

  Mike ® 21:15 24 Nov 2003

I dont think it matters which you choose, the latest nvidia driver 52.16 (I think) suits all nvidia cards.

  david.h 07:59 25 Nov 2003

Would either of these two option be ok

  Stuartli 09:45 25 Nov 2003

nVidia drivers are fully backward compatible so you need the latest version.

Follow the menu of type of card and chipset to the downloads section and you won't (hopefully) go wrong.

  Mike ® 09:59 25 Nov 2003

Ok David first of all i'm not familiar with the STB Velocity card, but if it is using the Nvidia Riva tnt2 drivers it must have an Nvidia chipset. The driver you need is click here and is backwards compatible with all Nvidia chipped cards.

Dont forget to set a restore point, before removing the existing drivers and instaaling the new.

  Mike ® 10:01 25 Nov 2003

Must hit refresh more often.

  david.h 15:52 25 Nov 2003

thank you for the help, downloading as recommended by you

  alcudia 16:10 25 Nov 2003

Did this last week to replace the XP driver. Didn't have any problem. There is no need to remove the XP driver first, but I would create a restore point.

  Mike ® 17:08 25 Nov 2003

From alcudia
"There is no need to remove the XP driver first"

I disagree nvidia recommend doing so, click here so probably best when it's something so important as your graphics driver.

  david.h 19:37 25 Nov 2003

I am have problems downloading at present, my ISP is stopping me from access most sites at present due to a pipex server fault. how do i create a restore point?

  A_World_Maker 19:44 25 Nov 2003

Click 'Start....Help & Support' the option to create a restore point is in the menu

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