Which Notebook!?

  geaky 08:25 28 Jan 2006

Any help appreciated!!

I'm looking to buy a new notebook but can't seem to decide which. What confuses me is the different processors available. Eg., looking at an HP ZD8369EA power notebook. Its got a Pentium 4 640 3.2Ghz with 800mhz FSB. Also looking at a Toshiba Qosmio F20 with an Intel Centrino 1.73Ghz Pentium M 640 with 533Mhz of FSB.

I appreciate that Centrino M processors run cooler etc for notebooks, but what I can't work out is how to compare MOBILE processor and normal Pentium 4 speeds? Which is quicker? How do you make comparisons?

Mainly want to download DVD/MP3 and occasional gaming. Cheers Everyone..

  Forum Editor 09:38 28 Jan 2006

because you'll go round in circles.

The Toshiba is an excellent machine,and If you buy it you'll probably love it - it's a Toshiba after all - but I would recommend that you factor in the cost of another 512Mb of RAM while you're about it; the standard 512Mb isn't enough for what you want to do.

I have only read one review of the HP machine, and that said it ran hot when using the DVD writer, but then so will lots of laptops. It's very well specified, and I'm sure it's an excellent machine.

Both computers will be pretty hefty, but that probably won't bother you if you're after a desktop replacement.

If I was making a snap choice I would go for the Toshiba, but that's partly because I have always liked Toshiba laptops. It's your call, they are both very nice machines.

  geaky 10:12 28 Jan 2006

Thanks.. as it happens this particular Toshiba deal comes with 1GB DDR2 anyway which is handy. My concern was that the 1.73ghz M processor would be a little slow and out of date in 6-12 months?

Thanks for the advice anyway!

  jules52 08:46 30 Jan 2006

I have two laptops a Dell and a HP. The Dell is about 5 years old and has never given me any problems.The HP nx9005 is barely two years old and I have had problems with the DVD/CDRW (works when it feels like it) I have been assured that it is working within manufacturers specifications! The latest problem is the screen inverter and motherboard which makes the machine virtually unuseable. HP who haven't been particularly helpful have quoted about £450-£500 for repair which means it's now dustbin time! Looking at the amount of non-working HP models on Ebay I guess I'm not the only one with problems.

  Mavericke 09:33 30 Jan 2006

By the time you read this Intel dual core should be made available already but the problem is that the price is rather expensive. For the time being I think just stick to Pentium M 750-770. Check out Gateway's MX8554b as you will be able to get it for £899 if you are in UK. (Pentium M 760,1GB DDR2,100GB HDD,64MB ATI X700 and 17" screen)

  terryf 19:42 04 Feb 2006

Does this machine exist other than a figment of the imagination of the Gateway website designer, web searches for any Gateway laptop don't come up with any sites actually selling these machines, a magazine that put a Gateway laptop on the A list has taken it off. Was this designed to be a teaser to see if anyone would be interested in the spec at the price before any were built? Where does geaky suggest that we purchase his reccomendation?

  EARLR 12:03 06 Feb 2006

Tagra is a great laptop with 3 year warrenty. I have 2. click here

  anchor 13:52 07 Feb 2006

I saw that the Gateway MX8554b was in stock at my local Staples, (South Harrow), about 2 weeks ago for £899.

  FairyWishes 18:01 07 Feb 2006

Sighs any other recommendations any new ones on the market any decent deals... sighs louder :0(

  terryf 01:02 09 Feb 2006

An email that I received 0n 8/2/06 from Staples head office said 'I am sorry to say that we do not have, or will be getting anymore, of the MX6635b, as this is now a discontinued product. We are launching a new range in approximately 2 weeks time, and there is a
machine that will be of similar spec that will be available from the end of February.'
It will be interesting to read the next issue of PCPro which said this was a wonderful machine and put it on their A list. Will there be some red faces in that editorial office!!

  herefordian 10:11 09 Feb 2006

The Aldi supermarket bulk buy IT equipment, i,ve a Intel Centrino 15" screen, its got 512 MB DDR -Ram. ATI Radeon 9700, 128 MB direct X Support, 80 GB HD,DVD +&- R/RW, firewire, 3x USB ports,tv out,4 in 1 card reader,4 hotkeys, all risk insurance for 2 years.Paid £900 a year ago.

Its been a godsend, theres good deals to be had out there, just keep looking.The market is now saturated, and sales and competition has become harder for IT firms, prices are dropping, spec is increasing, the customer is on to a winner.

Good Luck.

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