Which New Router...?

  al7478 21:36 17 Jun 2008

Or, more specifically, what can i get for my money?

A friend and i share a net connection (he has a laptop in the next flat to me), and he wants a new router, which we're going halves on.

Perhaps surprisingly for someone who uses one tho, i have no idea what to look for, but as i have more free time the shopping has fallen to me.

We want to spend no more than about £80.00 really. Can we have the latest protocols/definitions/whatever theyre called for that money? Any specific suggestions would be greatfully recieved too.

Thanks in advance.

  L8-tian 22:01 17 Jun 2008

Hi al7478,

If your ISP (internet service provider) is cable connection, choose the router "WGT624Version 3"
Wireless Super-G Firewall Router. Cost is $69.99

or WGR614 Wireless G-router. cost is $49.99

The WGT624 router supports WPA in Pre-Shared Key Mode (PSK).

If the ISP is ADSL,

here is amodel number DG834G.the price is $149.99

Hope this helps you :-)

  al7478 22:41 17 Jun 2008

Thanks for the suggestion. I've googled that model number and im coming up with a Netgear DG834G for around £40.00 GBP...

  tullie 14:15 18 Jun 2008

Good shopping Al,you certainly shouldent have to pay the prices quoted.

  al7478 15:00 18 Jun 2008

Ha! THanks! L8-tian was quoting dollars tho, so maybe thats it...?

Would there be any advantage to spending more? The router may have a wireless or ethernet connection to some sort of music server device in future, but its on the back-burner for now.

My friend just keeps complaining about drop-outs. Personally, i think he should get his laptop looked at, as otherwise its a waste of money, but he seems resistant for wahtever reason.

We thought of one of those that looks for the strongest of 3 signals, but i would have had to have an attachment in a usb port or somesuch, and they cost a lot more, according to my local computer shop.

Any more suggestion gratefully received.

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