Which new graphics card?

  Kate B 13:38 15 Jan 2005

OK, Half-Life reports a frame-rate of about 35fps with my current set-up, which is as follows:

AMD Athlon 2400+ (running at 2GHz)
1GB Ram
mobo: Gigabyte GA-7VA1.x
bus 133
Award bios

current graphics card is Nvidia GeForce4 Ti with AGP8x and I've got a 17" Samsung LCD

I can improve the frame rate to about 55fps by dropping the res and other specs - but hey, that's boring!

I guess it's time for a new graphics card - since I've never really got my head around graphics cards I'd be really grateful for advice on what would be a good buy for my system to improve Half Life without spending too much on a two-year-old computer.

  g0nvs 15:17 15 Jan 2005

Have a very similar setup as yours, only diff is mobo. I think it may be time to invest in a new Graphic card. My choice is Geforce 6600 GT, keep clear of any card with LE or SE. Regards.

  wjrt 16:18 15 Jan 2005

click here

all manufacturers here do this card so you have a great choice

  Kate B 17:38 16 Jan 2005

thanks, guys - anyone else got any other suggestions or is that the one to go for?

  Starfox 17:46 16 Jan 2005
  powerless 17:51 16 Jan 2005

ATI is more favoured for HL2 but not the rest of the games obviously.

I've got a x800pro and HL2 runs sweeetly.

What is your PSU wattage?

  Kate B 17:51 16 Jan 2005

Thanks Starfox - but yikes, how do I choose which maker?? Is it just about price or is there something else I should be factoring in?

  Kate B 17:55 16 Jan 2005

hi Powerless ...erm, dunno ... (scrabbles for Belarc printout) Nope, that doesn't say it, either. I'll ask the guy who built it and report back ...

  citadel 17:58 16 Jan 2005

a gforce 6800 or better still 6800gt if you can afford it. I have a 6800 and it plays far cry and half life 2 at high detail at fast frame rates. As you have an nvidia card already it is best to stay with them. Remember to have a good quality power supply installed as the new cards use more juice.

  Kate B 18:00 16 Jan 2005

Cool, thanks Citadel. I'll see how much the piggy bank has in it ...

  The Sack 18:19 16 Jan 2005

Thats a tad unfair, its better when compairing a 9800 pro against a FX5900 Ultra simply because the FX range is crap under DX9 and shader model 2.

Kate B go for a 6800 based card if you are going nVidia. the 6600 is a good card but onlu has a 128bit memory bus so its a bit stifled when it comes to bandwidth. The 6800 is about 30 quid dearer than a 6600GT but has a 256bit memory bus and even though the RAM on the 6800 is running 300MHz slower it has nearly 9GB/s more bandwidth available and when it comes to games more bandwidth the better. The 6800 core also runs slower than the 6600GT but again dont let this put you off, the 6800 is a more powerfull core and has over 70 million more transistors in it.

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