Which Netbook to get?

  premier man 10:19 18 May 2009

My Daughter is after a Good Cheap Netbook 10.2 bluetooth & internet connections around £250,
anybody with any ideas?
also is it worth getting breakdown cover for it?
if so who to go for ?
if anybody can help me on this I would be grateful.

  ztronicsalien 10:28 18 May 2009


This time I am using Alienware Area m5500 include its widescreen 15.4" display. Alienware Area m5500 has two graphics chips, which you can choose between with a flick of switch and a reboot. There’s Intel graphics for extended battery life and an nVidia GPU for gaming. Indeed, the m5500 features the same chassis so it’s size (326 x 278 x 31 (WxDxH), and weight, 3Kg, are the same.


  robin_x 10:36 18 May 2009

Never ever buy breakdown cover, it's a rip off.

If you dont fail in the first year (covered by standard warranty) you will probably not for another 5-10 years.

I may also be in the market for a laptop/netbook at a push.

Dell stuff looks good. But I am waiting a bit.
Check the usual culprits. dell/amazon/pcworld/tesco etc.

  woodchip 10:53 18 May 2009

The one I have been looking at is the Aldi Medion with Three year warranty, a 160Gb hard drive card reader XP home Bundle or Corel Software including Office and a Draw Program Intel Atom CPU WiFi as all the best Netbooks use. plenty more of it to look at about £275

  woodchip 10:54 18 May 2009

its a 10 ins screen

  premier man 10:55 18 May 2009

Thanks for that advice about breakdown cover,
I was looking at the LENOVA N270,but dubios because not a well known make.

  premier man 10:58 18 May 2009

That one sounds good,thanks
do aldi have a website?

  woodchip 11:00 18 May 2009

But cheaper if you can find one still in Aldi, you need to ask, also it as more software click here

  premier man 11:23 18 May 2009

I will take a look,thanks

  ambra4 12:50 18 May 2009

“I was looking at the LENOVA N270, but dubious because not a well known make”

Lenova brand is former IBM

The top 10 mini laptops rated

click here

  premier man 15:56 18 May 2009

Thanks,I couldnt find out much on the Lenova model either so will give it a miss,
I will look at the others you gave,cheers

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