Which Music Downloads are Legal?

  emkayisok 16:17 30 Nov 2005

I am getting very confused as to which sites are legal, and which sites are not. They all seem to suggest that they are, but I know this is not the case.

Can anyone recommend any legal sites?

Thank you.

  PaulB2005 16:24 30 Nov 2005

Good start...

click here

Basically any that you pay on a per track basis. Possibly excluding any located in Russia.

  ade.h 21:21 30 Nov 2005

click here That one is both legal and free.

  mammak 21:47 30 Nov 2005

ade.h not by any means having a go but but after
the problems I have had paying for music and downloading it to my default player Windows media 10 I cant even copy it to my mp3 player for the copy right issuses my question is how do you know you link is legal and free?

  ade.h 21:53 30 Nov 2005

click here and the click "Is it legal?"

I have been using this site as a legitimate source of alternative music since it was lauched over 3 years ago. It is supported by the good nature and far-sighted attitude of small independent record labels and artists who realise that if I can download a few of their tracks, I'll log on to Amazon or whoever and buy the albums. Which I have done dozens of times for artists that I would otherwise never have known about.

Sadly this site is no longer being updated and fully supported due to a change of ownership earlier this year, so if you like what you hear, start downloading!

  w1z8rd 08:32 01 Dec 2005

great link ada.h what a great way to try before you buy, beter than wasting 10-15 quid on a load of c**p you don't like :-]

  nkosi 09:27 01 Dec 2005

click here

This is the Russian one. It has almost every CD you could want and matches the mainstream ones for features. It exceeds the mainstream ones by allowing you to choose the format (mp3, wma etc) and the quality. It charges by the megabyte in US dollars. Average price for a whole CD is one to two dollars only. Using it's download manager is incredibly easy and efficient, although it suffers from overload at busy times. There is no spyware or adware and so far the Russian mafia have treated my credit card with respect! (Actually payments are handled by a secure US online bank). It's been around since 2001.

Is it legal though? Of course the music industry says no but if you do a google you will see that it is not proven. It appears that it is licensed legally in Russia and the prices reflect the cost of music within Russia. The legality revolves around access from outside Russia. Until there is a ruling, I'm making the most of it. I've had no problems in six months. You don't have to like balalaika music.

Perhaps the FE has more information on this site?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:30 01 Dec 2005

As has been mentioned before the site that akosi mentions is only legal if you live in Russia as they have different' copyright laws (actually a rather large loophole). UK copyright laws apply here...so it is not legal here.


  ade.h 17:38 01 Dec 2005

I wouldn't support that Russian site for the reason outlined by Gandalf.

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