which motherboard to OC Q6600 past 3Ghz?

  toon_mad 22:23 06 Dec 2008

Hi, ive had my pc for around 5 months new, at the time i wasnt fussed about overclocking, it was more for the SLI. Well now i dont even think i will ever use SLI, its too much for x2 gfx cards, its better buying 1 powerful one every x years.

Anyway i ended up getting a Quad-Core 6600 @ 2.4Ghz on a Asus P5N-E, which is stable @ 3ghz, but the motherboard is limiting me to only a fsb of 333 due to the 3-phase power on the board. I also put a blue orb ii on it, and although im very happy with am looking into something else..

Im after a motherboard, keeping away from nvidia chipsets, that can help me achieve 3.4ghz up to 4ghz. I doesnt need to be 4ghz 24/7, i just want one that is flexible enough. Im thinking of cooling it on air with a thermalright 120A. My pc will be using 4x1gb DDR2 [email protected] on a 650w atrix psu (is the psu enough)

The motherboards ive seen are (in no order, must support LGA-775):

Gigabyte GA-P35C-DSR
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R > looks tasty
Abit IP35
Asus P5QC

Although im not sure which will be the best, price is no worry at the moment.

Its a mine field i know, but im sure someone is clever enough to help me out on this one, spartacus :)

Thanks in advance!

  citadel 22:38 06 Dec 2008

there is a review of the asus p5q-e at cpu3d.com where they overclock a q6600.

  toon_mad 22:46 06 Dec 2008

cheers, looking at click here on it now if anyone else is interested.

  toon_mad 22:49 06 Dec 2008

ps whats the backplate on a motherboard? the ports for sound card, vga slots etc, or underneath the board?

  toon_mad 22:56 06 Dec 2008

oh just remembered the backplate is for the case right

  I am Spartacus 11:02 07 Dec 2008

The problem with the P5N-E seems to be that it overheats with the higher voltages used for overclocking. However you should be able to get to an FSB of around 380 (3.4GHz on a Q6600).

The P5K Premium will stably run an FSB of around 450Mhz (with the right RAM).

If you're still trying to overclock with 4 sticks of RAM that's where your problem lies unless it's running well under 667MHz it will limit your Q6600.

  toon_mad 11:30 07 Dec 2008

im stable with my [email protected] with all 4 sticks in @800mhz in dual-channel mode unlinked, i dont think the ram is holding me back.

  toon_mad 11:33 07 Dec 2008

and ive seen nowhere or anybody else with a q6600 on a p5n-e get past 3ghz, im lucky to get this but ive hit the wall now

  I am Spartacus 12:08 07 Dec 2008

You could try it with just 2 sticks of RAM to see if it will get higher. I'm surprised it's Prime95 stable with 4 sticks of PC6400 at 800MHz.

  toon_mad 13:33 07 Dec 2008

will try with two sticks but i read because the board is only 3-phase and not so compatible with quads which is why i cant get the overclocks i want - nor anyone else.

And its just as stable as stock clocks, ive had it at 3ghz for about 2 weeks now and not one crash :)

I had to put my memory to 2T cycle however, 5,5,5,15 if i remember right

  toon_mad 15:45 07 Dec 2008

last post made @ 1333 :D

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