which motherboard etc?

  nobrains51 11:01 25 Feb 2007

i am going to upgrade my pc. which mobo is better 754 or 939? i am also looking at amd athlon dual core cpu ,would a different heatsink fan be of benefit? i need a mobo with about 8 usb slots, agp for my graphics card and at least for 4 slots for ram,i will be using at least 4 gig of ram. i have 2 seagate barracuda hard drives 160 and 250 gig, also 2 nec dvd rewriters. i do a lot of photo edingting, about 3/4 hours a day sone online gaming, also a lot of burning, would like to get everything ready before i head for vista. any/all would be appreciated. thanks for you help in advance.

  ed-0 11:10 25 Feb 2007

939 is better than the older standard of 754. Yet 939 is superseded by socket AM2.

Any idea on which model of amd cpu you are going to use and have you a budget for the motherboard.

  Totally-braindead 11:16 25 Feb 2007

If you want an AMD processor you need an AM2 motherboard now for these processors click here 939 has fewer processors AM2 is the new socket and thats what you would want.
If you get a different heatsink fan it might run cooler and it might run quieter. Notice I say might as it depends on what you use.
Unless your graphics card is very expensive I would think you should get a new PCI Express one as it would be more future proof.
Other than that go for a good make. Personally I like ASUS which I have now and Gigabyte which was my motherboard previously. MSI are also good. Regarding the number of USB etc you'll just have to look about.

  ed-0 11:24 25 Feb 2007

939 motherboard, fits all your reqirements except for the 8 usb slots. You would have to use the internal ones or a usb hispeed hub.

click here

  ed-0 11:34 25 Feb 2007

Just a few details for the KM2 motherboard.

cpu support is click here

Full specifications are click here

Still think, like TB, that the AM2 option might be better. But it depends if this board meets your specification, exsisting and hard ware and price.

  nobrains51 12:33 25 Feb 2007

i am looking at AMD X2 Dual Core AM2 Athlon 64 3800 2.0GHz 2x512 Socket AM2........the graphics card i have is nvidia aboiut 2/3 years old sorry canot remember the number. Freezer64 Pro Socket 754 939 940 CPU Cooler with Heat pipe cooling Pro Ver, this is the fan i was looking at. price of motherboard? about £60/70. thanks for all your help so far, anything else you need to know? thanks.

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