Which motherboard do i need?

  Ladaman 23:41 08 Feb 2003

Hi de ho

I have decided to build my own computer but i am slightly confused by all the different types of motherboard available.

My PC will be mainly used for graphic intensive games, the usual internet and some basic software packages, MS office, Media player etc.

I would just like some tips on what all the different features of motherboards are and why some are twice as much as others...

thanks very much

  Giggle n' Bits 00:22 09 Feb 2003

would be my first advice e.g: PC ADVISOR!.
Especially looking at some of the back-issues for "Build your Own PC"!

You match the CPU (Processor) of your choice and budget to the correct motherbord. But you have to know which processor is correct to fit in the motherboard. So we have AMD & Intel, AMD Processors being the cheaper on the pocket. But quality is sacrificed for this saving.

Current AMD CPU's are for Socket A motherboards.

I could carry on for hours on the subject but due to space restrictions here would leave you short of a lot of considerations and infomation etc.

Please feel free to mail me direct by clicking on the yellow colour folder thingy For Tunes. If you wish more guidance.

Read more magazines, hardware reviews, websites on the subject for build your own pc. Many for & against articles around. But the satisfaction and the end of the day you will be very impressed with your own work if you proceed.


  MAJ 00:23 09 Feb 2003

You need to decide which processor you're going to use, first. If it's an AMD XP processor your new motherboard needs to be a Socket A m/b, but if you're going to have an Intel P4 processor, you'll need a Socket 478 m/b.

  nick_j007 00:58 09 Feb 2003

For all Motherboreds try here:

click here

All the best, Nick Jones

  goonerbill 09:23 09 Feb 2003

if ya are planning to run graphic intensive games, you will need to think about what graphics card ya want more than ya mobo. on the subject of mobo's, go for the kt400 mobo if you plan on using AMD cpu's or p4 version if ya want pentium p4 cpu

All I would say on the subject that has not been said already is to go for the latest board available. Hopefully your new system will last a while yet and while a reasonable priced board will do all that you require of it, a new model with all the latest features will be more future proof.

DO you need raid? If not, then loosing this will save around the £20 mark. Most "Good" board now have quite decent sound on board, and while I would always advocate a seperate graphics card, especially in your case, a decent mobo wiht sound negates the need for a seperate sound card as well!

Decide on CPU and then find the board. Post your selections back here and I am sure many will be able to comment onthem for you.

  goonerbill 10:28 09 Feb 2003

smiffy99, kt400 mobo are the latest. ladaman, 1 of the best mobo's available is gigabytes ga-7vaxp ultra. lots of specs, checkout the web site for info click here scroll down page to mobo. other mobo makers have mobo's of similar specs but i think this is the best

  clayton 10:49 09 Feb 2003

some reviews here click here

  Ladaman 12:18 09 Feb 2003

Gee thanks very much for all the response...

I will look into what you've all said later tonight and let you know how i get on :¬)

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