which Motherboard & CPU?

  griffo 15:07 11 Dec 2006

My motherboard and CPU have died (I suspect it may have been my fault - static?). They were an Asus A7V8X-X and AMD Athlon XP 2400+ respectively, working with 512Mb of DDR333 PC2700 plus 256 DDR333 CL2.

I believe I may have to choose carefully to get an MB/CPU that will work with my existing RAM, is this correct?

I would like to restrict my expenditure to a mximum of £150, can anyone suggest what I should buy please?

  skidzy 16:33 11 Dec 2006

Are you sure its the cpu and mobo,have you checked the psu first ?

Simple thing you could try first (may save you some money) click here

I have found this tester very handy before spending money on a new cpu and mobo.

Apologies if you have tested the psu already.

  griffo 18:13 12 Dec 2006

thanks for the response. I have been assured by a 'techie' who's looked at it, that the MB & CPU are duff, PSU is fine.

It was a socket A (478?) MB & CPU but they're now obsolete I believe. I'm thinking in terms of an Intel Pentium D820 CPU but I'm unsure of which MB would be best and if my RAM will be OK (1 512mb DDR333 PC2700 and 1 256mb DDR333 CL-2).

  thms 18:55 12 Dec 2006

Why noy try a motherboard bundle from
click here
comes with cpu/fan and memory fitted.

  ed-0 20:58 12 Dec 2006

Do you defiantly want a Pent820? Do you need an AGP graphics slot or would you prefer on-board graphics or perhaps a PCI-E graphics slot.

The Asus A7V8X-X works with a 8X slot so look at this:-

click here £61.


This will take the D820 click here for £30. CPU table here click here

It has two 184 dimm slots and a AGP slot.

That total comes to around £90+

  griffo 10:05 13 Dec 2006

thanks very much both, most helpful.

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