Which motherboard???

  lahorie 09:49 16 Feb 2004

Hi all

I'm thinking about rebuilding a system from scratch. Trouble is, i don't know which motherboard to go for? I have a MSI at the moment and this has worked fine for 4 years. Trouble is, new one are coming out the whole time and i want one that will obviously last a few years!!



  Indigo 1 10:21 16 Feb 2004

What will you be using your new system for mainly ? Games ? Browsing the web ? Office applications ? writing software ? Musical ? or just general use ?

  lahorie 12:52 16 Feb 2004

Just general use, maybe some programming at times.

  Indigo 1 13:13 16 Feb 2004

What sort of budget? £20-£30, £30-£40, more ?

What sort of processor ?

  lahorie 10:24 17 Feb 2004

Budget wise i can go upto about £80.

As for processor, the most update one i can get for the motherboard.


  Indigo 1 14:07 17 Feb 2004

Do you prefer AMD or Intel ?

  Terry Brown 14:17 17 Feb 2004

I sugest you go to click here as they have some bundled packages (Motherboard, Processor +Fan) at very reasonable prices

  R4 15:14 17 Feb 2004

You can get a Pre Tested Mobo with CPU/heatsink and Ram from here but prices are from £112 :-
click here

  Indigo 1 15:21 17 Feb 2004

Ok lahorie, you obviously don't stay logged on to this site so this could take a while like this.

So here's my suggestion; for AMD Athlon XP processor it's got to be A7N8X-E/DELUXE click here this is by far the best in that price range (imho) other people will have their favourites but that would be my first choice.

For the Processor (CPU) it's got to be Athlon Xp 3200+ 2.2Ghz 512Kb from click here . I will admit that it's a bit pricey but that's the best for that m/b. There are a few other CPU's that will fit in nicely and for good performance you really don't need to spend more than £80 but that's your choice.

Unfortunately I am not a fan of Intel stuff so I can't offer any advice there but I'm sure someone else on this site will help if you ask.

  clayton 17:32 17 Feb 2004

you can get that processor a little cheaper here with fan & 3 year warranty click here

  Rayuk 18:22 17 Feb 2004

You dont say what power supply you have at the moment,4 year old pc,as you may have to replace this also.

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