Which model ?

  curlylad 10:44 08 Oct 2004

Further to my previous post regarding memory upgrades , some of the sites I've looked at wish to know the model number of my PC to be able to give an accurate memory upgrade suggestion.
How do I find the model number of my PC ?

  TomJerry 11:00 08 Oct 2004

you just need motherboard number.

Read manual to find out.

If you do not have manual, you can get a lot of software to identify for you AIDA32 is a good one.

  spuds 13:16 08 Oct 2004

Download and run Everest [ex Aida32] click here and/or Belarc click here Both these free download programmes will give you an insight of your computer system and setup.

  spuds 13:20 08 Oct 2004

If you have problems navigating the Lavalys site, here is a direct download link for Everest click here

  curlylad 00:45 09 Oct 2004

I already have AIDA32/Everest and Belarc but none of them give a number that corresponds to the model numbers that were shown as the only model numbers for my make on these update sites.I have looked through the manual and all the other literature I had when I purchased the PC but none of these things give a relevant number.Also I have looked on the outer casing of the PC but this also gives no indication of a model number.I am just wondering if there is a certain place to look that will say "Model number...."

However some of the sites actually have a scanner to find a guaranteed compatible upgrade for your system and I now know what upgrade I need . It was just puzzling me that they were asking for a model number that I was unaware I had however I could have told them virtually anything else that could possibly ever want to know about my PC (because of Everest and Belarc) and as I already said just wondered if there was a 'magical' spot to look on the PC to find secreted the elusive model number !

  TomJerry 02:11 09 Oct 2004

I cannot understand why AIDA32/Everest does not work for you. I have used AIDA32 for any computers I can get my hand on, new or old, all work.

You need to look Motherboard, its maker and model number. It is the motherboard which holds all components including memory.

Are you using a Dell computer by any chance?

  curlylad 02:19 09 Oct 2004

No mate , not a DELL .As I said I have solved this now but believe me Everest has told me everything including how many tin cans were crushed to make my PC case (lol) .It did give a mobo number but this number was nothing like the listed ones on any of the sites , ah well never mind I guess I'm a one off , unique if you will !

  georgemac 08:05 09 Oct 2004

when you open the case to fit that nice new shiny memory, you have a look on the motherboard itself - it will be marked somewhere with the model number and the rev number - write these down, you never know when you may need them again.

  curlylad 12:26 09 Oct 2004

That is going to be the only way , opening the old baby up by the looks of things , never mind a bit of open case exploratory circuit surgery wont do no harm I suppose!

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