which Mobo'?

  tamc98 09:57 09 Jan 2003
  tamc98 09:57 09 Jan 2003

I am considering upgrading the mobo' in my computer as it only has two pci slots and i need one more. currant board is an msi-6511. New board needs to be mATX as I want to keep my existing case as it fits nicely into it's hole. Other things I would like are DDR Ram and onboard Lan connection as this would free up a usb port. Processor is an AMD Athlon 1.33 (thunderbird).
Any ideas.
TIA, Tony.

  marmaduke smallbore 11:00 09 Jan 2003

You could change the Power Supply if you wanted to keep your case....a new Mother board still might not fit your case though, which I am guessing is quite small from what you say?

The new compact cases would come with a Power Supply fitted for only about £25? I think I would get a Modern MBO upgarde and forget your OLD case!

I would recommend you visit
click here
Phone: 01202 267 267

They're in Bournemouth, and they really do know what they talking about. They also do some great MBO upgrade kits.

Choice of Boards? GIGABYTE are my choice everytime!!

Make sure you back up those files before 'a fiddlin though!!
Hope that helps!

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