Which Messenger service to use with webcam

  longbelly 12:23 08 Dec 2005

I have just bought three Logitech webcams to help keep in touch with our children and their families using speech and live instant video. Can anyone tell me which is the best Messenger service to use for this - Windows, MSN, Yahoo or whatever? I understand that Yahoo do not allow live chat anymore?

  anskyber 12:28 08 Dec 2005

I use MSN very successfully. I cannot speak for the others. MSN allows real time video and talk.

  Bagsey 14:39 08 Dec 2005

I use MSN for keeping in touch with family in Africa, Canada, Australia and Oman No trouble at all.Also that is with a very cheap webcam

  DieSse 15:58 08 Dec 2005

I use MSN too - works like a dream with my Logitech cam.

  Thalmus 16:17 08 Dec 2005

MSN for me too, never had any problems and chat to people all over the world

  Thalmus 16:17 08 Dec 2005

MSN for me too, never had any problems and chat to people all over the world

  bruno 19:23 08 Dec 2005

I use MSN messenger with a Logitech webcam.It works perfectly now I have a new computer,but when I had a Igb processor I found the speech was jerky and could be intermittent.It may not have been the processor at fault,could have been something else.I am on 1mb broadband.Worth a thought.

  jarani 19:37 08 Dec 2005

same here , msn - no problems - jarani

  anskyber 19:38 08 Dec 2005

This point is important. I should have added in my contribution that when I used it on dial up the limited bandwidth made speech and video difficult if used at the same time. That applies to both ends of the connection. I am now on 512kbs broadband (sad) but it is good enough, anything faster willl simply improve the connection.

  bemuzed 20:03 08 Dec 2005

If your Broadband service is delviered using BT ADSL the UPStream speed (i.e. out of your house maxes at 256kbps, so getting faster broadband makes no difference as you can only send at that speed, and if your friends are on BT Broadband they can also only send at 256kbps. Other broadband suppliers amy go faster UPStream, but most people don't notice.

  BEN MARSHALL 20:36 08 Dec 2005

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