Which Memory?

  smokinbaby 16:26 03 Mar 2003

Hello there,
Can anyone out there advise me om the type of memory i need to upgrade my PC.

The motherboard is KT7A/KT7A RAID i have the user manual, but as i'm new to all this i don't know what is correct for my PC.

If anyone can help and needs some more info can you plase get in touch.


  powerless 16:53 03 Mar 2003

Just to be certain i would double check my finidngs...

Theres a few KT7A's

But this looks to be it at click here

"Supports up to 3GB of un-buffered DDR200/266 and 3.5GB of registered DDR200/266"

So you want DDR266 (PC2100) Memory

Which can be brought if you click here

  powerless 16:55 03 Mar 2003

Ignore the second 'click here' it is wrong.

  powerless 16:56 03 Mar 2003

I've appeared to have made a big mistake.

Let me correct myself.

  MartinT-B 16:57 03 Mar 2003

Anandtech say this click here

It takes DDR RAM (Double Data Rate Random Access Memory) as well as SDRAM (single...)

3 slots of 168 pin DIMM

Therefore you need 168pin Ram either SDRAM or DDR RAM.

Using Crucial - the best manufacturers of RAM in the World - search tool for Abit KT7A these are all suitable

click here

  powerless 16:58 03 Mar 2003

click here for the motherboard and...

click here to buy some memory

Your motherboard uses PC100/PC133 SDRAM

NOT the DDR as i posted above.

  goonerbill 17:00 03 Mar 2003

heres a loink to the website for your mobo click here as you can see it will only take pc133 sdram

  MartinT-B 17:00 03 Mar 2003

The KT7A raid takes DDR click here

  powerless 17:21 03 Mar 2003

smokinbaby Motherboard is a KT7A/KT7A RAID the link you have supplied is for a KR7A-RAID

The KR7A-RAID supports DDR RAM but because the motherboard smokinbaby has is a KT7A/KT7A RAID DDR will not fit in that motherboard.

The RAM needed is SDRAM and NOT DDR.

The motherboard is question is at click here and it clearly says "Supports up to 1.5GB of PC100/PC133 SDRAM" < Meaning SDRAM is needed!

Also Crucial at click here say it takes SDRAM.

Smokinbaby you need SDRAM in your motherboard click here to buy some. Or ask for PC100 or PC133 of SDRAM from where you will be buy the memory.

  smokinbaby 17:46 03 Mar 2003

Well thanks so much for all the reply's

Before i came back on line i got touch with PC manufacture's (NOVATECH) and they said what you all say (I THINK),the sales girl said 512 MB SDRAM
but i would like someone to confirm thats the right memory, before i go ahead and buy it, because to be honest it is all double dutch to me.

Please dont think i'm stupid but as i've said i'm new to all this.


  smokinbaby 17:49 03 Mar 2003

Forgot to ask do i need to install extra fan?

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