Which memory.

  mickeyfinagin 18:39 06 Sep 2008

My sons pc is so slow, its a few years old now.
The pc is cleared of junk and there is not alot of stuff on there,

He has a Abit -NF8 series motherboard
512mb of pc3200 ddr 400mhz of ram.

I want to change to 2G of memory to try to speed it up.

This memory is quite old now and expensive, looked on ebay ect.
Can i use a newer type of memory that hopefully would be cheaper.

  mobileman1953 18:42 06 Sep 2008

go to click here do a free system scan it will tell you all you need to know

  Quiller. 19:35 06 Sep 2008

This memory is quite old now and expensive, looked on ebay ect."

Memory manufacturers manufacture both low and high density ram. There is not much demand for high density ram because it will not work in a lot of machines, so the market is flooded with HD ram. It can be bought cheap and then passed on i.e. ebay.

If you were to buy this type of ram, you must

check that your motherboard will take HD

ask the seller if it is HD or atleast get the code numbers off the chip and then google them.

  mickeyfinagin 10:18 07 Sep 2008

thanks for the above advice.
tried the crusial site, i still dont know if i can use another newerand hopefully cheaper type of memory.
Any advice please!!!

  [email protected] 10:25 07 Sep 2008

Try click here this will also scan and recommend what you need and cheaper

  citadel 15:48 07 Sep 2008

download your motherboard manual, this will state what memory can be used.

  woodchip 15:52 07 Sep 2008

Don't think its memory. I would go for a Clean install then create a Image with Acronis

  woodchip 15:56 07 Sep 2008

This computer I am on is running 98se with 512mb of ram Dual booted with XP and for me it fly's Does all that I need although I have two XP Laptops and a XP desktop other than this, one I use 98se the most

  GaT7 20:23 07 Sep 2008

According to Crucial, this is the memory you can use in an Abit NF8 motherboard click here (scroll down for 1Gb PC3200 module).

Open case & check number of free RAM slots.

Arguably the cheapest new branded PC3200 1Gb module you can buy is £17.99 delivered click here. If he has a single 512Mb module, this will take it to 1.5Gb & should be more than adequate.

If using WinXP, even an additional 512Mb (assuming a slot free) should give it a good enough boost - £10.99 click here.

Be aware that some of the memory you get on eBay is 'high-density' & may not work in the motherboard. G

P.S. NF8 motherboard specs click here & manual click here if required

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