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  The Spires 11:52 14 Jun 2003

I recently subscribed to 'Which Online', click here I must say I don't always agree with their opinions, in fact I don't most of the time but I was interested to read the recent report on 'Anti-Virus Products', In their not so humble opinion they felt:

'Worst at detection of viruses, worms and Trojans was Grisoft's AVG 6.0 Free Edition, which spotted only about three quarters of the 450 viruses, worms and Trojans in our tests. Most packages detected more than 95 per cent. However, they tended to be weaker at spotting a further 100 Trojans that we hid inside compressed ('zipped') files. Again AVG was worst (it detected only 22 per cent) and five other packages (Norton, Norman, PC-Cillin, NOD32, and Panda) detected less than 50 per cent of them.'

Most interesting, not so good for my favorite NOD32 either.

  The Spires 11:55 14 Jun 2003

Oh they felt Kaspersky was the best overall. click here

  Jester2K II 12:25 14 Jun 2003

You get what you pay for... Still AVG never let me down so far...

  Belatucadrus 12:31 14 Jun 2003

There will be people who have had bad experiences with most anti virus packages. I've tried Kaspersky from a PCPlus cover CD I found it a system hog that slowed my laptop to a crawl then caused a lot of damage when I removed it, I had to reformat. It will take more than a Which report to get me to use it again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:41 14 Jun 2003

AVG has always doen well with me and everyone that I have recommended it to. Meh! to the 450 viruses, there are only a handful doing the rounds at any one time...same with trojans. Have a look at the so-called tests of AVs and there are wild differences which should lead one to assume that the tests are naff.

Most viruses are harmless but annoying and are easily disposed of. personally I would award 'Which' the 'Mr paranoid' trophy of the year.

Unles you are networked to a huge system, you have little to worry about. If you are on a network and it gets hit, then the IT wallahs, wearing sackcloth and ashes, are visiting the Job Centre pronto.


  Jester2K II 12:51 14 Jun 2003

Said it before and i'll say it again.

Anyone can design a test that shows AV Package X is better than Y, or that Iraq has WMD. Its called Marketing.

"Which" is an independant tester but is only testing 450 viruses?? Doesn't sound like a quality test to me!! The question is where these "In The Wild" varients (ie the type you of i will enciounter and need to worry about) or where they old or exotic types??

Someone did this type of test before and was shown to be in the wrong. They labelled one AV package as "not even being able to detect the Mellisa virus" when they (they testers) had copied the source code into a Text file!!! Other "viruses" where nobbled too... I'll try and find it if i can....

  Gaz 25 13:06 14 Jun 2003

so I will use AVG for ever.

  Jester2K II 13:08 14 Jun 2003

Just to let everyone know (again and for those that missed it) AVG 7 is due out soon and Grisoft have confirmed in an e-mail to me that there will be a Free Version of AVG 7. I also understand that AVG 6 Free will be supported until the end of 2003.

Also i am so confident of AVG that i'm running the AVG 7 BETA right now....

  Gaz 25 13:09 14 Jun 2003

And AVG actually detects viruses as good as Norton or any other, according to icsa labs.

  -pops- 13:10 14 Jun 2003

The testers at Which? may be testing anti-virus progams this week but next, the same testers may be examining cream cakes and the week after, the qality of the sand at the seaside.

Something as specialised as computer programs, especially those with a serious purpose such as A/V, needs a specialised assessor to give anything like an informed opinion. The testers at Which?, well intentioned as they may be, are not specialists.

I am reminded once again of a Sunday Times report where the Sony Vaio was declared the best laptop computer wholly based on the assessor liking the smooth flowing lines and curves of the case with no reference to the function and operation of the machine at all.


  Gaz 25 13:13 14 Jun 2003

Does V7 automatically remove V6?

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