Which leads go.......

  goll_y 15:18 07 Mar 2004

Hi all,

Trying to record a radio programme onto the internet and then synching it to the PDA. I'm having problems connecting the radio to record on the computer. I've attached the lead out of the headphones section and am unsure where to plug it in (I think I've tried all slots) and what the recording levels and status should be.

I see to have a section at the back saying audio and then 3 slots and then 4 slots at the bottom (one I know is audio out which I've got plugged in so music comes out of the hi-fi from the computer and the other is the microphone).

Please help!

  Diodorus Siculus 15:25 07 Mar 2004

If you are recording over the internet, try a program like Audacity from audacity.sourceforge.net which will record whatever is being heard through the soundcard.

  goll_y 15:27 07 Mar 2004

not connecting over the internet I'm afraid

  Diodorus Siculus 15:28 07 Mar 2004

I'm not quite sure why you are connecting the radio to the PC. The cable will go to "line in" on your sound card; ensure that in the sound card properties, "line in" is not muted.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:30 07 Mar 2004

goll_y - sorry, there is some double posting going on here.

Are you trying to record from the radio, onto the PC?

  goll_y 15:30 07 Mar 2004

onto the PC from the radio

  beeuuem 15:36 07 Mar 2004

Usually this inputs are colour coded as click here and 'line-in' is normally the blue socket

  goll_y 15:36 07 Mar 2004

does it matter what the preffered device is for recording?

At the moment its on - SB Live Wave Device.

The other options are -

Modem #3 Line Record
Modem #3 Handset record
VIA AC97 Audio (Wave)

Also at the back it doesn't say line in anywhere does different colours (red is record, green is line out) anyone know what line in is?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:39 07 Mar 2004

Use the current record device.

As beeuuem says, try the blue socket for line in. Otherwise, go to the manufacturer site for the soundcard and get a manual if you don't have one.

  goll_y 15:42 07 Mar 2004

its recording but its coming out really muffled and sounds really distorted

  beeuuem 16:21 07 Mar 2004

It sounds (!) as if the recording level is too high. click here Which programme are you using to record?

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