Which lead do i need?

  Hetti 12:59 14 Feb 2006

I need a lead to connect a 8mm camcorder to my PC, in order to convert tape to CD what is the lead I need called?

As an after thought is it possible to convert the 8mm tapes to CD bearing in mind Im not that clever when it come to PC'S.

Thanks all

  Grantrh 13:01 14 Feb 2006

I don't know what camcorder you have but they usually use a firewire cable to connect to your PC.
Check the manual that came with your camcorder?

  Hetti 13:56 14 Feb 2006


It is a sanyo camcorder, i will check manual but im sure it does not mention wirewire, it is an old camcorder 5 yrs

  Bagsey 14:04 14 Feb 2006

Is your camera digital or analogue? If it is digital then you will most probably need a firewire cable to input your video to your computer.Cost ( approxe £12.00 from Maplins) You will need some editing software to create your film. However if you are using windows XP you will already have a copy of windows movie maker, but make sure that it is the Moviemaker ver 2 that you have. If not get the free upgrade. It is not the best program in the world but it is free and a reasonable starter.
If your camera is analogue then that is a different ball game. You will need software and a capture card. Let us know what your camera is and we can offer more help and advice

  woodchip 14:07 14 Feb 2006

It's not just a lead that you need, you need a Analog Capture Card. Or on that works with the USB ports. This only works with Win2000 or WinXP

click here

  woodchip 14:09 14 Feb 2006

PS the Link above conntains all you need to capture From Analog Camcorder VCR etc

  Bagsey 14:09 14 Feb 2006

I was too slow with my typeing. It looks as though your camera is an analogue unit so you will need a capture card to convert the signal to digital. These are not cheap, however you can get a piece of kit called Dazzle which will do the job.

  Bagsey 14:12 14 Feb 2006

To slow again.
If you are lucky you may find Pinnacle Video Studio 400 on ebay. This will do all you need. I used to use it some years ago with a fair bit of success on hi8 video.

  Bagsey 14:19 14 Feb 2006

I had a quick look on ebay and guess what? Checkout. click here I would think that unless you are very unlucky you should get that for about £10.00.

Best of luck.If you do go for keep me posted as I used it a lot and can offer help.

  Hetti 09:54 15 Feb 2006

Yes my camcorder is analouge samsung 320x NOT sanyo as I said previously, so will the above mentioned kit still apply, Im sorry about delay in gettin back on but I have beem working real hard.
I will check here later today.

Bagsy... thanks I will keep you posted, and Im sure to need advice, lol

  Hetti 10:10 15 Feb 2006

I just had a quick look at the link you provided, when I get the kit you suggest will I also need the use of a VCR recorder to convert the tapes.
I do have a VCR I was just getting worried as it sounds a bit complicated to me.

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