Which laptop? Not sure of spec.

  KWAKI 19:34 06 Jan 2005

I'm thinking of buying a laptop (desktop replacement) but need to know what spec to look for. The things i'm not sure about are hard drive speeds....what do they go up to in laptops and whats the least to go for.

Can you change/add disc drives if newer better ones come out ,like you can in a desktop?

Are the processors as powerfull as their desktop equivelents i.e. is a 3.2Gh Pentium 4 chip the same in both?

I'm thinking of spending around £1100, and want the most powerfull laptop i can get ,thats also capable of the odd bit of video editing.

Any recomendations/suggestions would be appreciated.

  KWAKI 19:38 06 Jan 2005

I should have mentioned ,i need good graphics too.

  TomJerry 19:49 06 Jan 2005

largest capicity is 100GB, but not sell in the UK yet, you can get 80GB

the fastest available is IBP/Hitach Travlestar 7k, it has 40gb and 60gb versions, run at 7200 rpm (the same speed as desktop version), but you will find very very few laptop maker use this drive because it is relatively expensive

most laptop use HDD run at 4200rpm, good one run at 5400rpm

personally, I would be laptop and replace the HDD later

  TomJerry 19:55 06 Jan 2005

the most powerful one at your price point is Tiny PowerLite G920 £1099 click here, 3GHz, 17", 80GB, DVD-RW. ATI Mobile 9700 graphcs, 1GB RAM

AJP make the powerful desktop replacement as well: AJP D480EV £1115, 3GHz, 17", 80GB, DVD-RW. ATI Mobile 9700 graphcs, 512MB RAM

My peronal choice of £1100 laptop is: Systemax TourBook® 5250 £1091 click here, great machine, but it is more mobile than desktop replacement

  TomJerry 19:57 06 Jan 2005
  toni b 20:29 06 Jan 2005

I use a hp 7010 us model, it is a desktop replacement and is a it is fine except the continious fan which blows like a hair dryer when playing games ,in regards to issues such as hard disk speeds you could always get an external hd these are generally desktop hard drives in a casing ( I use a lacie 250 gb) but then, if for what ever reason you want a very fast hd disk,I would imagine you could buy some sought of hard disk caddy and and put in your own desired hard disk. I have seen similar brand laptops at dabs which are within your price range but there are other chanels to buy laptops such as buying refurbished direct of the manufactures such as HP or other large manufacturers.click here today they dont have any laptops but over the last few years I have bought laptops for people with a reasonble spec and they are very happy with them so take a browse.My min requirements for a laptop would be mini 60GB HD cdrw/DVD player or better , at least 512 ram ,at dedicated graphics card 15' screen or higher and usb 2.0 and firewire ports( I think this is almost standard now) and a good processor athlon or intel???????? and you could get other bonuses such 54g wireless.The proccessor for desktop replacements are generally the same but always check

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