Which laptop - home & work use?

  Big Al 1969 22:48 31 May 2009

I'd like to replace our PC with a new laptop. We need it to perform all kinds of tasks such as homework, internet, music downloads, digital photo storage/review (thousands!) & home video (not lots).

I'd also like to have the option to work from home (MS Office software), so will need to be able to deal with big spreadsheets & presentations. Also, do any come with MS Ofice pre-loaded as a bundle - otherwise this can cost hundreds on its own!

Screen size needs to be big enough for the children to be able to use comfortably (17"?).

I think it makes sense for it to be wireless enabled, as one of the motives for trading PC for laptop is to do away with a bulky piece of furniture - printer, etc. could be hidden away in a cupboard.

Budget is £500-£1,000, but would like to keep as low as possible without compromising performance too much.

Despite spending 80% of my working life chained to a PC, I am completely clueless when it comes to spec, etc.

However, a work colleague has offered to help with the purchase at Dell outlet or similar once I have established what I need, so at least I should get decent value for what I want.

thanks in advance for your help & support.

  User-1229748 08:38 01 Jun 2009

others will advise better about spec and so on but another thing to consider is a warrenty,and the medion laptops that aldi sell come with a 3 year warrenty as standard whereas you will pay a lot more for a 3 year warrenty from elsewhere.

  ztronicsalien 13:05 01 Jun 2009

This is a very tricky question whenever someone plans for a new computer either laptop / desktop.

A computer has to be such that it can solve dual purposes i.e. both of home and work. I would suggest you to go for any "alienware refurbished laptop"

These are cheaper than that of their brand new counterparts. and can be used for both purposes.


  CodyG WIN-TEAM 22:49 16 Jun 2009

Big Al-
There’s a new application called Laptop Scout (click here) that you might find useful.
It’s designed for folks like yourself who know what they want to use a new laptop for, but are a little less versed in all the technical jargon associated with computers. You go to the site, enter your budget and what you want to use the laptop for, and it’ll give you a list of some potential matches.
Keep in mind that the site is all in USD, but converting from pounds, it looks like (at least as of today’s exchange rate) you’ll have a maximum of about $1,640.28 to spend. That should be an ample amount of cash to get a great multimedia laptop like you’re looking for. There’s also tons of Dells listed on the site, so you can take advantage of that outlet hookup. Regardless, good luck with your laptop hunt, let me know if I can help in any other way.
Windows Outreach Team

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